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Laptop for Kids

It can be challenging to pick the Best Laptop for Children. When choosing a laptop for a very young person, performance must be weighed against the device’s size and endurance. The likelihood that the laptop may be dropped increases. If it is too huge and heavy for them to carry around or use for typing. At Walmart, keep an eye out for features that increase durability, like those found in the ASUS Chromebook C202SA. Spill-proof keyboards and impact-resistant frames are a must if you don’t want your investment to be ruined by a single juice spill or tip off the table.

To guard against common forms of abuse, certain kid-friendly laptops. Like the ASUS VivoBook S15 at Amazon, also has features like tamper-proof keys and lay-flat hinges. You can search for parental control software features like content screening and screen time restrictions. Additionally, automatic security upgrades are always a plus, regardless of the child’s age.

Rubber bumpers are generally a secondary consideration if you’re purchasing a laptop for an older child. Your main concerns are probably sped performance and pricing. And you want to be sure their laptop has the specifications needed for efficient multitasking.

Visit our homeschool supply list for more discounts on laptops and other needs for distance learning. When browsing the internet, using complicated applications. When taking online classes, the best laptops for kids will have a potent processor. And a sizable amount of memory to enable speedy app switching and improved performance.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet,

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is a 2-in-1 gadget that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet. The touchscreen is touch-sensitive, and the entire keyboard is detachable. When the gadget is in laptop mode, a folding kickstand on the back of the device raises the screen. The Duet utilizes Google’s Chrome OS, just like other Chromebooks. Although it has some limitations, this operating system is easy to use with a Google account. And is a benefit if you’re buying for a child.

This tablet features 64GB of inbuilt storage and 4GB of memory. Which should be enough for both homework and media streaming. That’s not much, but Chromebooks typically only offer a little amount of storage. Since they assume users would be using the cloud.

The Duet includes a one-year free trial of Google One for this exact reason. The disadvantages of this gadget are similar to those of the majority of 2-in-1 devices. The screen is small for a laptop (10.1 inches) and there are not many connector options. There is just one USB-C port on the Duet, but this can be fixed with a good USB-C hub.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C214

The Asus Chromebook C214 is a fantastic option for youngsters. Who need to complete their homework or attend online classes because it was created as the Best Laptop for Kids. Rugged design, a Wi-Fi antenna that is optimized. And a user-friendly interface makes the C214 a perfect choice for kids who are learning at home. Its durability is its most distinctive quality. The C214 boasts a lay-flat design that helps prevent breakage if small children push on the 11.6-inch screen. Reinforced rubber corners, a drop-proof body (up to four feet), a spill-resistant keyboard, and other features.

It has an unexpectedly large number of ports, including two USB 3.0, HDMI, a headphone jack, and an SD card reader. For the benefit of novice typists, the keyboard has larger letters and a shorter travel distance. The C214 runs the simplified Chrome OS like other Chromebooks. And has extremely little internal storage just 32 GB, depending on the configuration. Users are consequently compelled to save their files in the cloud, which Google’s One and Drive services would gladly support. The 4GB of RAM that is offered should be sufficient for youngsters’ productivity needs.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Parents and children were considered in the creation of the Microsoft Surface Go 2. This incredibly thin device is essentially a 10.5-inch tablet with an attachable keyboard. Is our choice for the most portable. However, despite how it appears, it includes several capabilities that make a laptop much more like it a tablet. It contains built-in parental control tools like screen time limits and content filters. And runs the full version of the Windows 10 operating system rather than a scaled-back Chromebook system.

The Surface Go 2 is a versatile and lightweight computer. That’s perfect for both work and pleasure because it boasts specifications that outperform the processing capability of a standard tablet. You can choose between an Intel Pentium 4425Y or an Intel Core M3 processor for the Surface Go 2. (The Core M3 is more powerful but also more expensive). Additionally, it may be set up with 64 or 128GB of storage and 4 or 8GB of RAM. The priciest variant offers LTE connectivity for internet access when Wi-Fi is not available. Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t ship the Type Cover keyboard with the device. This must be bought individually.


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