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CIOB Professional Review

The full of CIOB is the Chartered Institute of Building. It stands for the ethics, science and practice of built environments all over the world. Everything this organization does is to enhance the quality of life for those who use and create the built environment.

CIOB has opened two Chartered pathways for applicants. The first one is a Fellow, and the second one is Member. Read about both of them below.

Member (MCIOB):

Attaining Chartered Membership will bring you countless benefits. One of these rights is to use MCIOB as a post-nominal. You can also pick between the descriptor or Chartered Construction Manager and Chartered Builder.

As a Chartered Member, you can vote and apply to become a Trustee. Thus, you will be able to actively take part in the management of the CIOB.

A Chartered Member has other benefits like:

  • Access to more than 500 events every year
  • Free CPD resources from the CIOB Academy
  • Complimentary subscription to Construction Manager Magazine
  • Access to CIOB Library Information Service
  • Permission to use the CIOB logo and several products and services

Fellow (FCIOB):

The Fellowship grade is the CIOB’s highest award. The organization’s Fellows are amongst the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the construction industry. Besides that, they have global recognition for their skills and attainments throughout their careers. Besides that, the associated post-nominal, FCIOB, is highly sought after. Entry to Fellowship means fulfilling a unique set of leadership competencies and behaviors at a strategic level. In short, one has to show the highest level of professional competency.

It is benchmarked at Level 7 by ENIC and equivalent to a Master’s degree level. A Fellowship application is open to senior professionals with more than five years of experience in leading an organization. Apart from that, they must be experienced in leading people and contributing to the industry, communities or/and society.

Aside from getting the benefits of Chartered Membership, being a Fellow of the CIOB will bring many extra rewards like:

  • Employer achievement recognition
  • Career progression
  • Promotion
  • Higher salaries and a wider range of job opportunities

After retirement, A Chartered Member and Fellow can apply for the Retired Grade. On its acceptance, you will be able to use new designations: Ret MCIOB for Members and Ret FCIOB for Fellows.

CIOB Professional Review:

The last stage to earning Chartered Membership for most candidates is the Professional Review. It evaluates that you have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in the three main areas of competency. The three areas consist of occupational, management and professionalism. When you pass your assessment, you will become a Chartered Member. In addition to that, you will be able to use the designation MCIOB.

How to apply for Professional Review:


Experience and academic requirements:

You have to satisfy the academic eligibility requirements along with a minimum of 3 years of related work experience. Here, you need to have 5 years of work experience if your qualification is not in the built environment. Besides that, you will need the same amount of experience if your qualification is a non-honors degree before starting your application. You must have a Level 6 (degree) level qualification or above to satisfy the academic eligibility criteria.


You must already have CIOB Membership as a non-chartered member (applicant). If you are not an Applicant member yet, register for an online account. After that, apply for membership. Hire a CIOB expert to know the whole process.

Download the form:

You need to download the Professional Review form.

Guidance notes:

You will need to read the guidance notes that you will get with the application form. This note will detail the supporting documents that you need to submit with your application. For instance, you may submit the latest copy of your resume and a current record of your CPD.


Your application has to be endorsed by your line manager, a client or a construction professional knowing you well. You can know more in the guidance notes about this.

CIOB Student Membership:

Student membership is a point of entry leading to membership. It is for those who are studying with the CIOB or in education. The grade doesn’t offer any entitlement or post-nominals or designations. However, by making progress through the best way to membership, you can gain your Chartered Membership. After that, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits coming with being MCIOB.

This membership gives you instant access to many resources. These resources will help you make a well-established career.



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