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Complete Procedure To Fix Canon Printer Error e59 Quickly

Canon Printer Error E59 is a common error code which occurs when a printer can not read the print jobs. Canon printer devices are recognised for their good speed and outstanding print quality. People mostly choose Canon devices as these devices have an easy interface. Anybody can easily set the printer with his system and take out the prints. These devices are also compatible with network as well as wireless devices setup. Using a Canon printer is easy but there are few errors which can be faced by the users.

Reasons for receiving Canon Printer Error E59

  • The printer can not get the print task.
  • Your printer can’t converse with the computer.
  • Canon printer connectivity error.
  • Fuser or printhead is not working.
  • You shall have to make invalid setting changes.
  • Stuck print task

Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error E59 in Easy Steps Reboot the Canon Printer While using the printer, if you receive the error message then restart it. Users often obtain the error message when the procedure gets interrupted by something. For rebooting the printer, take out the power cable when the printer is ON. Wait and reconnect the printer. Now the Canon printer will begin automatically. Open PC and check for Canon Printer Error E59. If the printer is still getting an error code, restart the computer. Reconnect it to the Canon printer and then take the printouts. Check Canon Printer Driver The error code on your printer can arise when the driver is not working. Without the driver, the Canon printer can’t function. You have to resolve the driver for running the printer. Open the device and then check for Canon software. Initially, check the program for its update. If it’s out-of-date, install the latest update. When the program is not updating because of corrupted files; repair them. You must use the driver repair software that can resolve all the available drivers on the system. When you can not use it, reinstall the Canon driver. You must remove the Canon drive that is showing a Canon Printer Error E59 and then install a new setup from the web. When the Canon printer finds the right driver, it will begin printing. Reset the Canon Printer Whenever an error arises on the Canon printer, reset it. You may be receiving errors because of invalid settings. Occasionally, the user sets the printer in the wrong way and it begins showing the error. The user needs to reset and then reconfigure the Canon printer in the correct way. Steps for Canon MG2570s Reset are provided below:

  • Open your Printer and choose the Setup button.
  • Tap on the Device settings button.
  • Select Reset option
  • Click on the OK button
  • Select Reset All.

On the confirmation page, choose OK. After resetting the printer, the user has to configure the printer to his computer for taking out the prints. Check the fuser and printhead Fuser and printhead are very important parts of your printer. When you receive the error, you must instantly check the fuser. It can easily be damaged by overheating. If the fuser is not working, change it. Now check the printhead, if it is overheated; close your Canon printer. Or else, the printhead will burn out. Once it cools down, you can resume the printing task. If the printhead seems clogged, the user must clean it. You can run the cleaning utility tool by following the steps below.

  • Open the Properties
  • Choose Maintenance tab
  • Click on the Deep Cleaning option

Select the ink group and then choose the Execute button. Then the tool will run and now clean the printhead. After cleaning it, run the printer and examine for the Canon Printer Error E59.

Run Printer troubleshooter for Canon Printer Error E59

Printer Troubleshooter can resolve your Canon Printer Error E59. If you are facing a printer error because of certain files then running the troubleshooter may help. On Windows, you will obtain an inbuilt troubleshooting tool which can inspect for the error and then resolve it. You must open the Update and Security tab and then search for the printer troubleshooter. Run the program and now wait for the report. Then open a file and finally try to take the printout. Remove the stuck print job When the E59 Canon error is appearing because of a stuck print queue then remove it. Open the services and now search for print spooler. Then right-click on it and now click the stop button. After removing the print task, take your printouts. In case if after applying above steps canon printer error e59 still persists, then don’t worry at all. Consult Canon geeks available at Uspsolutions to get best guidance and support at your doorstep.

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