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Convert Orphan OST to PST files Format without Any Data Loss

Inaccessible OST files can be converted into Outlook PST files using a particular application called Convert Orphan OST to PST files.

OST files that are orphaned are those that aren’t connected to their parent Mailbox. OST files can become orphaned for a variety of reasons, but the most frequent one is when users change their Outlook login details without maintaining their OST file.

You are now left with an OST file that is not linked to your new Mailbox and cannot be accessed unless you change your password. We understand that you probably don’t want to do that as you read this post, and we don’t blame you!


Fortunately, there are various approaches to recovering your orphaned OST file from Outlook that don’t require you to reset your password and start over. In this post, we’ll examine various third-party programs and techniques for converting orphaned OST to PST files so they can once again be accessed.

Learn the cause of your orphaned OST file.

The Microsoft offline folder (OST) file is an offline copy of the mailbox on the Exchange server that is kept close by. The OST file is犀利士
referred to as orphaned when the mailbox on the server is no longer reachable for any reason.

Your Exchange offline folder (OST) file may become orphaned for a variety of reasons. We separate them into the categories of hardware and software.

Since Hardware

A data catastrophe and server crash happen when your hardware is hurt while storing or moving the data of your Exchange Server databases (EDB). Around that time, orphan OST files will appear. Basically, there are three kinds:

A data storage device failing:

Consider a scenario where your Exchange Server databases are stored on some faulty sectors on your hard drive. The data you read might therefore be inaccurate and full of errors, or you might only be able to read a small fraction of the database file. This level of data corruption will make the database inaccessible and leave your OST file orphaned.

An unusual server shutdown or a power outage

Your databases could be hurt if the Exchange server is improperly shut down while it is interacting with the databases, leaving your OST file orphaned.

Malfunction or failure of the control device

The OST file is becoming orphaned if a caching controller is utilized with Exchange Server since any malfunction or failure will cause the loss of all cached data and database damage.

because of Application

Additionally, software problems may cause Exchange OST files to become orphaned.

Access to the Exchange Server Mailbox can be restricting, disable, or obliterate.

If access to the mailbox is restricte or your server administrator deletes or disables the Exchange Server mailbox in relation to the OST file. Your OST file is currently an orphan.

Virens and other harmful software

Numerous viruses can contaminate and damage Exchange Server databases, making them useless and orphaning the OST file. Installing reputable antivirus software for your Exchange Server framework is strongly encourage.
Beings errors

Accidental database deletion, improper storage device packaging, and confusion with the working basis can all make the Exchange Server database inaccessible and leave the OST file orphaned.

Using the OST to PST Converter, Migrate Orphaned OST files to PST files.

Inaccessible OST files can be convert into Outlook PST files using a particular application called Convert Orphan OST to PST files. Emails, attachments, and other mailbox contents are all converted with 100% accuracy and without taking file size into account.
Features of Converter OST to PST are:

  • PST conversion for IMAP OST files, orphaned files, or encrypted files
  • Supports Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016.
  • Increased potential for data loss
  • This software supports all Mac and Windows
  • Users are facing hurdles
  • Advanced processes that must be followe

Steps to Use OST to PST Converter Application:

  • The first step is to launch ToolsCrunch Mac OST to PST Converter.
  • By selecting Choose OST files, you may also conduct a manual search. By clicking on and choosing mail items, you can preview them and save them.
  • Check or uncheck the Restore Deleted Items box after choosing a location to store your data using the Browse button.
  • Finally, press the “Generate Now” button.



Finding a solution that enables. To open and accessing the contents of that file is the best method to deal with an orphaned OST file problem. You can do it using any of the methods we’ve covered in this post. To restore access to your emails, convert the orphaned OST file to PST format using whatever technique you like.
When it comes to accurately and rapidly convert your OST file. An excellent tool like Convert Orphan OST to PST files can save you a ton of time.

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