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Attract kids to grab your yummy chocolate candies using striking custom fudge boxes with bright color scheme

Develop craving for sugar candies with customized boxes that work as a powerful display tool when it comes to retail products presentation.

Highlight the mouthwatering appeal of milk and butter toffies.

And win the customers hearts with pride through these boxes.

Showcase your candies in bulk or in smaller quantity.

You will get the choice to custom size the boxes according to your need.

We provide variety of customization options that will lead you to make exactly the same box that you have dreamt of.

Coddle your sweets with class using candy boxes for your range of sweets

Every confectionery owner wants to make sure that his specially prepared chocolate fudges are allowed to shine.

Showoff your handmade dessert to your customers with classy outlook in the paper folding candy boxes.

Jazz up your sweet delights in custom boxes decorated with attractive embellishments and present them as a gift to your loved ones.

Take them to birthday parties, Christmas celebrations or as a thanks giving gift at any event by printing them with any theme.

Make the boxes a perfect carrier for your favors and presents by acquiring services of experts at Yby boxes Canada.

We offer a wide range of box designs that perfectly fit all of your creamy chocolate barks, just pick the attractive design from our huge library of templates.

Our professional designers and machinist will work together to craft the perfect boxes for you that will make your candies look amazing.

Fudge is sold soft and creamy in rectangular pieces that require a specially design packaging box with partition inside.

Add cardboard inserts in your candy custom fudge boxes to pack them without any risk of losing the appealing chocolate garnishing.

Let your dessert safely reach the destination without getting crunch using custom boxes with inserts.

Display any quantity of the candies to the customers with the help of boxes made with fence partition that hold the pieces tightly.

We design cardboard and corrugated inserts on demand along with dividers that perfectly accommodate your product.

You can provide protection, catchy presentation and resistant from heat to your small truffles using these boxes.

How we work ?

We have proper arrangements for ensuring high standards for the custom boxes.

To keep a check on every phase of our production unit.

And have a separate department of quality assurance in which all of the inspectors have quality control certification.

The role of this particular department is to check, revise and approve boxes in different phases of design, sampling, production and delivery.

Without this approval no order leaves our factory.

In this way, the process remains ideal which helps us in achieving your satisfaction.

Our unique qualities set us apart from competitors, some of them are as follows

  • We do not compromise on high standards and timely delivery under any circumstances.
  • We understand the needs of retailers, distributors and manufacturers as they seek lowest rates for the boxes.
  • Our low price quotes help manufacturers to work on more profit margins, grow their business and let them save cost on fudge packaging.

Personalized candy boxes even in minimum quantities can make a strong impact on customers.

whether you are an existing or old brand.

Thus, allowing you to alter your packaging with the ever changing trends of the market and effectively attract customers towards your sweets.

Get benefit of specially devised low minimum order facility and order only what you need whether 1 box or thousands more for your cookies from us.

Thus allowing you to fulfil your branding needs whilst saving you money.

Get your every packaging need fulfilled without surplus and hidden costs from us

Our adept staff strive hard to cater your every box packaging requirement and do not charge.

You any sorts of plate & die charges whilst making sure quality is maintained.

This let you have the best custom made boxes for your chocolate truffles.

Stay cost effective by choosing custom packaging made from inexpensive corrugated cardboard material.

Select custom packaging boxes styled in a beautiful petal top opening.

that never fails to attract the fascinated attention of customers looking.

To buy smaller products in a gift-like packaging, and favor recipients at a wedding or birthday party.

Choose custom straight tuck end packaging boxes for bringing more efficiency by speeding up manual packing of products.

If your product packaging is to give an idea of sophistication and communication.

Then choose custom packaging boxes in teal color. Get customers to buy without second thoughts by opting custom product boxes.

Printed in rich looking patterns that create perceptions of premium quality.

Create memorable favor giving experiences on occasions using custom boxes decorated with colorful silk ribbons.

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