DeGoogled Phone: A Secret to Your Privacy

DeGoogled Phone

Where smartphone technology made our lives easier on the other hand it also ended up invading our privacy. No longer can we keep secrets, at least not on the internet. If you are browsing the web or even a social media app it will try to gather information on you and collect data for future references. It’s easier when every website and app is trying to learn about you through your search pattern and what you already saved and downloaded on your smart device.

Privacy is turning into a major concern for users and rightfully so. Because you never know how the crucial invasion of your privacy can be used against you or maybe end up in the wrong person’s hands. However, what if I tell you that you can get back your privacy by using the deGoogled phone. Sell used phones to earn extra cash to purchase your first expensive refurbished iPhone at a massive discount. To get more info about deGoogled phones read our article till the end.


What is a DeGoogled Phone?

DeGoogled phone is practically an Android smartphone that works on the deGoogled version of Google’s Android operating system. It is easier this way since the Android operating system can be used without additional cost and functions as an open-source system. Any person out there will be able to use their core and create their private version. But when it comes down to major parts of Android that Google has the authority over that are not accessible to anyone without creating an identity for the Playstore.


Things You Should be Aware of Before Using deGoogled Phone

To use the Google Play store you have to connect it with your email and make a Google identity so that later on you can install any app that you like on your mobile phone. On the other hand, a deGoogled phone will allow you access to the app store where you can easily download apps with the help of a specific spoofed account.

But if you are deciding to use a deGoogled phone therefore you should be warned about the complication that you might face shortly. One of these major problems is that not every app that you are going to download is going to work flawlessly and run smoothly. Where the rest of the apps are going to operate flawlessly without any glitches. There are some videos available on YouTube where you can find out about people who are using deGoogled phones and will give you updates about the convenience and complications that you will face while using deGoogled phones.


Options that Work Well as Google Apps Replacement

While using a deGoogled phone you cannot act irresponsibly and download Google apps and use your Gmail account. If you do that it will lead Google once again to track your activities. To get the benefits of the deGoogled phone you have detached yourself from Google entirely.  Numerous options can be used as replacements for Google apps that we are going to mention down below:-

  1. You have to Replace Google Search with DuckDuckGo.
  2. Gmail with ZOHO mail or you can even use encrypted services such as Porton Mail.
  3. Replace Google Maps with HERE Maps.
  4. Google Docs with ZOHO Docs.
  5. Replace Chrome with Brave Browser.
  6. Google Authenticator with Authy.
  7. Replace Google Photos with Piwigo.
  8. Youtube with Rumble, Bitchute, and Vimeo otherwise use Peertube.

It’s never easy to change your routine and habits when for a long time you have used a particular thing. It will take some time for you to get used to the deGoogled phone because then you have to completely say goodbye to Google service to protect your privacy. Without any doubt, Google turned everything convenient in our lives by providing accurate and speedy results. You have to change your habits and adapt to the methods of deGoogled phones.


Final Verdict:-

It is up to you what is more important in your life, privacy or having access to Google unlimited benefits. Change the way you live and after some time, you may find that it becomes easier to breathe when you can eliminate one major problem in your life. Buy, sell, and repair mobile at Quickmobile and protect the environment.

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