Develop A Mobile Application with Trank Technologies in 6 Simple Steps!

Businesses turning into viable mobile apps to engage their audiences more extensively is something we have been witnessing for quite some time now. The main thought behind this transformation is the user’s routine use of Mobile application and addiction to their smartphones. If you have an app idea that may attract more customers to your brand and build recognition, then consult with a top-notch mobile app development company.

If you are thinking of building a marketable app, then you must focus on the technicalities of developing a mobile application. Therefore, we have curated a list of vital steps for building an iOS or android application.

6 Simple Steps of Mobile App Development

To simplify the mobile app development process, we have made a comprehensive list of steps that must be followed while building an app:

1. Comprehending the App Development Idea

Before moving forward, it is imperative to clearly understand what you want to offer your target audience through the app. Your idea may not need to be unique. But, it must fulfill the needs of your audience, solve their problem, and fill the gap in the market. 

Once you identify the challenge that your app can resolve, you will be in a place to build an application that offers concrete solutions. Later, with the help of a mobile app development company, you can place your idea into a structure. 

2. Market Analysis and Planning

Market Analysis is the most crucial step when you are heading for app development. The market research will show whether your mobile application idea is in demand or solves the target audience’s problem. It will put you in a better position in terms of understanding your customers and competitors, identifying business opportunities, and assessing your product carefully.

3. Designing of the Application

Designing is a vital aspect of any mobile app development which delivers a seamless user experience. The success of an application depends on how well it resonates with users in terms of the benefits it offers. Your mobile platform should provide an exceptional user experience by making it intuitive and interactive. To get a closure look at the designing part of an application, consult a mobile app development company

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4. Choosing the Right Platform

Picking a platform for your application is a technical decision, as it may impact the later development and maintenance part. There are three sorts of app development platforms available Native, cross-platform or hybrid, and web apps. With the help of native apps, you can implement heavy tasks such as gaming. While the web apps are great for easy updates and don’t require access to the device’s native abilities. 

If you want a mobile application with the qualities of native and web apps, then you must go for a hybrid or cross-platform platform. You can build an iOS and android app on a single platform. But first, you need to decide what type of application you want to create. Accordingly, you can contact a mobile app development company for further proceedings. 

5. Explore the Monetisation Options

If you have plans to make money from your app, then this is the time to explore the app monetization models. There are various monetization options such as Freemium, Premium, In-app Purchases, Subscriptions, In-app ads, and Sponsorships. Before going forward with any model, you must first understand its advantages and disadvantages and then decide.

6. Testing and Development

Launching an application without testing can result in disaster. While developing the mobile app, if you don’t know how it will perform, then conducting a strict beta test can help you. It will assist you in getting feedback from your target audience, earning visibility in app stores, and fixing the unfixed bugs in your app. 

The next important thing is the implementation of a privacy policy to secure the app. It is a critical point in the development that preserves users’ information and manages the potential security risks because their data is your most valuable asset. All of it is possible with the proper assistance of an iOS or android mobile app development company.


A smartphone app that we use daily looks so flawless and uncomplicated. But there goes an assiduous process to make sure that it works seamlessly. So, owning an app development idea is not enough. You need to follow the appropriate steps to build an app that magnificently runs for the long run. First, put yourself into the shoes of your users and imagine how you would like to use it, what features you want to have, and how much privacy you need. Once you have thought it through, now it is time to move forward with the development.

If you are looking for a mobile app development company, then Trank Technologies is one trusted name in the business. We create robust iOS and android applications following the above steps and ensure a well-designed user-friendly interface. 

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