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Do Hasya yoga and make your life even better

What does a man not do to maintain his health? Every person does something in his own way to maintain health. Some do regular workouts, some go to the gym, some go for regular walks. All these activities are correct to keep the body healthy, but apart from all these procedures, there are some common Yogasanas, which every person can do at any time. So there is a simple yoga which every person does many times in their everyday life. We know this yoga by the name of Hasya yoga.

In today’s time, every person wants to spend his life with laughter, but in the race of life, he feels alone in some form or the other. Due to the stress of your work or job or any other problem, even the smile on the face of the people has disappeared.

Today we are going to tell you that the benefits of Hasya Yoga, which makes you strong both physically and mentally.

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Know the rules and benefits of Hasya Yoga:

After doing Hasya yoga, you may not lose weight, but the thought will definitely come out of your mind that you are fat.  People do it and keep themselves happy.

Now doctors are also using Laughter Yoga on patients in their hospitals.  A doctor in Paris has given his patients relief from many diseases in a surprising way through Hasya yoga. Along with the usual treatment, he makes his patients sit blindfolded once a week and listens to some laughing clips. Hearing this, the whole atmosphere reverberates with laughter. Some scientists even believe that life without laughter is meaningless.

Method of Hasya yoga:

Negative emotions like anger, fear, the stress in common life have a fatal effect on our body. On the other hand, through Hasya yoga, such chemicals are released in our bodies, which have a favorable effect on health. It acts as a kind of tonic.  Below we are telling you about the method of doing it –

This is an asana for which you do not need to sit in any posture. It can be easily practiced by you in Padmasana, Sukhasana while walking and sitting at home or office. Smile slowly in the beginning, then slowly keep laughing by raising your hands with a lot of laughter. Initially do it for 3 to 4 minutes, then gradually you can do it according to your convenience. It can be practiced by an 8-year-old child to an 80-year-old man.

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Benefits of Hasya yoga:

Laughing and laughing not only remove mental stress but also strengthen the body’s immune system and increase our strength to fight diseases. Scientists have believed that the person who laughs to the fullest, lives more.

Laughing openly and loudly increases the speed of blood circulation in the body. The digestive system works more actively and due to laughter there is no disease of the lungs, contaminated air comes out. Laughter causes more sweating, due to which the dirt of the body comes out. Laughing also relieves the dullness of life, loneliness, fatigue, stress, and physical pain.

Today we have told you about Hasya Yoga. It is a simple and easy one, but it is helpful in removing many physical and mental disorders. So laugh a lot without hesitation and make others laugh too. Keeping smiling is the real identity of a successful life.

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