Dubai Coworking Space

Dubai Coworking Space

There are a few different coworking space in Dubai that are ideal for small businesses. These workspaces include Nasab, AstroLabs, and Re:Urban Studio. Each one offers something different, but they all have great amenities and are located in prime downtown locations. Read on to discover more about these options.


Letswork is a membership-based coworking space in Dubai that offers flexible workspace, private office, and meeting room facilities for businesses. Its new concept was founded in 2018 by Hamza Khan and Omar AlMheiri and is already a hit in the UAE. This new concept has revolutionized the way offices function. The membership-based coworking space allows members to book space on demand.

The network’s unique model of membership allows members to work from a variety of locations across the UAE. Tenants pay a weekly or monthly fee and get unlimited coffee and 20% off food, as well as the use of meeting rooms for more focused collaboration. The space is flexible and easy to change, and tenants can always move to a new location if their working environment changes.

The community-based coworking space in Dubai has the feel of a family. Its environment encourages collaboration, with educational events and community-building activities for businesspeople. The space also has clean toilets and is less than a minute walk from the Dubai Tram. For entrepreneurs, Letswork is a flexible, affordable alternative to traditional office space.

Letswork is expanding to new markets. Its recent acquisition of Krow, a Portuguese coworking space, is a move towards Europe. The founders of Krow will join Letswork as country managers in Portugal and Spain. They will use the new partnership to expand their operations in these new markets.


If you are an entrepreneur, and want a private coworking space in Dubai, Nasab is the place for you. This UAE-based company offers remote offices and private coworking spaces for entrepreneurs to meet, work, and thrive. Nasab aims to create a work environment that is accessible to everyone, including remote employees. It’s home to thought leaders, game-changers, and entrepreneurs.

The coworking space in Dubai is a private club and workspace that includes both shared and private work spaces. Each of the workspaces is designed to meet the needs of different types of professionals. There are also amenities that make it easier to work in a creative environment. This close-knit community can help individuals flourish and boost their companies’ success.

Nasab offers its members the best of both worlds: a beautiful environment and the convenience of a shared workspace. The spacious open-air loft house design gives you multiple work areas and positions you within a desirable community of entrepreneurs and gamechangers. Membership also comes with an array of benefits including complimentary valet parking, a restaurant, and gym access.

In addition to the work space, Nasab’s lounge and community spaces are designed to promote well-being and creativity. The building is also pet-friendly, and it features three levels of membership. For a monthly fee of 2000 AED, Nasab suite memberships are fully furnished and can accommodate from two to 12 people. The resident membership costs 1500 AED, and for a non-UAE resident, the Nasab Nomad membership is available for around 1000 AED a month.

Re:Urban Studio

Re-Urban Studio is a community design incubator located in Dubai. Founded by local designers, Re-Urban Studio has an open-door policy and offers a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of a diverse group of design-focused entrepreneurs. Their goal is to foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration among designers, artists, and business owners.

The creative co-working space is located in the Design District and offers private offices, conference rooms, and individual work stations. Various membership options are available, as well as educational courses and workshops. In addition, the Art House Cafe features tasty coffee and vintage cars lining the walls. The Re: Urban Studio is a great place to work and network with like-minded people.

This space has an unmatched work environment. With its free Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee, it is perfect for creative professionals. Its location in the Dubai Design District (D3) makes it ideal for graphic designers. In addition to being surrounded by other design firms, it has nurseries, restaurants, and galleries. Private studios are available for rent and are available with a business license.

The location is ideal for entrepreneurs with creative or sports-based projects. The design of the co-working space is by Fadi Sarieddine. Members can enjoy free coffee, unlimited Wi-Fi, and free access to the gym and pool. Members also have access to various services including event space, meeting rooms, and business lounges.


AstroLabs Dubai is the premier coworking space in Dubai with over 100 companies in residence. The workspace is located in the DMCC (JLT) freezone and offers state-of-the-art coworking facilities and a collaborative atmosphere. With offices open 24 hours, the space is convenient for entrepreneurs.

AstroLabs is a hub for digital technology businesses and startups in the Middle East. They provide support to help startups establish a presence in the region and scale their businesses globally. They also offer practical training programs. Their AstroLabs Academy holds regular classes in digital marketing, web/mobile analytics, design, and coding. It also offers a community where members can share ideas and innovations.

The new AstroLabs space will host a mix of local entrepreneurs and international startups. AstroLabs members can access both the coworking space in Dubai and Riyadh. Riyadh already has several cool coworking spaces and a supportive startup community. The coworking space will have fast WiFi, ample meeting rooms, and free printing.

AstroLabs Dubai offers flexible working hours, and the price is significantly lower than traditional office space. This means that smaller teams will be able to save more than $12,000 per year in office rent.

Nasab is the best coworking space in Dubai

Nasab is a coworking space that offers a diverse range of amenities, including wellness and social activities. It also offers private office suites and shared workspaces, pantry service, and is pet-friendly. Nasab offers three membership levels, each with a different level of access and benefits. Members can also pay for a single day pass, or join the Nasab Nomad program. The Nasab Nomad membership is ideal for those who are on the move, and the resident package costs Dhs1,500 monthly. Members can also hire a private suite, which is ideal for two to 12 people.

There are several coworking spaces in Dubai. Nasab is the most popular and offers a variety of amenities. Members can enjoy an onsite fitness studio, photography studio, high altitude chamber, and padel tennis courts. It also has two swimming pools and on-demand spa services. Other coworking spaces in Dubai include Letswork, a popular coworking spot among companies that focus on creativity. This coworking space is located in several hotspots throughout the emirate and is a part of Emaar’s e25 innovation lab project.

Business Centre in Dubai offers an array of facilities and amenities for its members, including unlimited tea and coffee. Moreover, members get access to a community app, events, and mentorship programs. Prices for a one-day membership start at 60 AED, while monthly membership prices start at 1800 AED. Dedicated desks are available for 2000 AED per month, while private offices cost 9000 AED per month for four people. Members can also reserve a meeting room or an event space for half or full-day rates.

Letswork is a complete onboarding solution

Letswork is a membership platform and marketplace that connects users with on-demand workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms. Whether you are searching for the perfect space to launch your business or simply need a creative space to meet a deadline, Letswork is the solution for you. With a membership, you can use workspaces in any city in the UAE, as well as book private offices and meeting rooms on demand. The service is flexible and affordable.

Members enjoy flexible locatio犀利士
ns, stable WiFi, and a power source. With unlimited coffee and tea, working in a letswork space is convenient, free, and cost-effective. Members don’t have to worry about being hassled by strangers while utilizing the space. Moreover, letswork has partnered with some of the top shops and hotels in the region. With a mobile app, members can check in and out of the coworking space without having to leave the hotel or the building.

The most popular coworking space in Dubai is Nasab, which provides hotel-like facilities. Besides office space, the facility has a padel tennis court, photography studio, and on-demand spa services. The Nasab also has two swimming pools for its guests. Letswork is another popular coworking space in Dubai and is a favorite of companies that are geared towards creativity and innovation. The space is located in several hotspots in Dubai and is part of Emaar’s e25 innovation lab project.

The Bureau offers a full-service onboarding solution for businessmen. The business centre provides modern offices, private meeting rooms, and shared workspace. Members can choose between hourly, daily, and weekly rental options. Moreover, the facility provides monthly workshops and networking events.

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