Dye-Sublimation: Rising Demand Of New Printing Technique

The demand for customized and personalized items is growing day by day. It creates new challenges for those people who are in the imprinting industry and whose businesses are based on analog printing technique.

But the traditional printing technique will not let the businesses earn huge profits. If any business owner wants to grow his printing business, then it is important to invest in the latest technologies.

You should add new printing methodologies to your company to give your business a boost and meet the demands of your clients and customers.

The dye-sublimation is a digital printing technique that can help business owners quickly earn a high return on investment. For instance, the price of the sublimation printing t shirts is higher than the t-shirts customized by using the traditional printing method. Let find more details about the dye-sublimation printing technique:

Dye-Sublimation Technique 

Dye-sublimation printing technique is a digital decorating technology that integrates high definition and full-color images into the substrate. It is required to create these substrates by using polymers or polyester.

There is one thing that makes the sublimation process unique and that is the chemistry of print. The alluring prints can be formed by the digital printing technique in just three steps: create, print and press.

  • Create

You have to work with popular desktop graphic software such as Adobe products, CorelDraw). By using this software, you have to create the graphics that you can create by using this software.

  • Print

With the help of the sublimation-specific printers, inks, and sublimation paper, you can easily transfer the design over the substrate. The sublimation ink is comprised of the dye solids which are mixed with the carrier fluid. This special type of ink has a high viscosity and is capable enough to produce high-definition images.

  • Press

Now, attach your transfer to the substrate. After that, place both in the heat press so that image can be transferred on the substrate. When the high temperature and pressure are applied, then the sublimation process will take place and embed the dyes into the substrate’s surface.

During the custom sublimation printing process, the solid dye is converted into the gaseous form, and simultaneously the polymers on the substrate will open. Pressure applied by the press pushes the gasses inside the polymers.

During the cooling process, the polymers will close and they will convert into a solid form. The polymers will encase the ink inside them.

In this way, the dye-sublimation printing technique created an HD color image on the substrate. The dye sublimation print will not chip, fade or wash away. Ultimately, your design will become part of the product itself. You will see the stunning color and amazing clarity.

Print On Demand Solution

The sublimation printing technology has enabled various business owners to offer print-on-demand services. It is due to the simplicity and speed of the printing process. In this new printing technique, the artwork is created and printed digitally.

It is not required to do color separation, screen burning, or installation of various other manual setups. Manual installation of printing set-ups takes a lot of time and needs a lot of expense.

The manual set-ups are required in the vintage printing techniques which take a lot of time and reduce the profit margin. These disadvantages can be overcome in the dye-sublimation printing process.

In the new technology printing technique, there is no downtime while getting ready to print. No matter whether you want to design custom clothing, signage, promotion item or decorate a garment, the dye-sublimation printing technology can help in creating beautiful prints.

Sublimation printing is quite efficient in terms of production and quality. In various cases technique, the print speed is less than the minute. It clearly shows that sublimation printing is faster than other printing techniques. In this printing method, the printing is very quick than pressing.

Therefore, you have to be ready with the next transfer ready before the completion of the previous cycle. It will lead to an efficient printing system which help in increasing the output and profit.

The increased production time can be easily converted into profit. If you will spend more time printing then it will directly hit the printing efficiency of the business. You can take the bulk orders and deliver them before the deadline. If you will accept the bulk orders, then it will increase the sale volume and profit as well.

Investment And Profitability

Dye-sublimation printing is a very economical printing technique in the market because it needs a computer, sublimation printer, transfer paper, and heat press.

With this printing technique, business owners can expect a quick return on investment. In addition to this, the high quality of printing can help you to fetch good returns and high profit in the business. 

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