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E-Learning Mobile Application Development: Cost & Market Insights

The market size of e-learning companies for online education is rapidly increasing. That is why it becomes essential to analyze which company offers the best e-learning mobile application development services.
According to Statista, the global market size of the e-learning industry is expected to reach $37 billion by 2026. It clearly states, the competition level of companies engaged in the online education market.

Post-lockdown, a sudden increase in online education is noticed, which gave rise to multiple online learning platforms. However, their services might differ, but the core objective is to target potential audiences, i.e students, their parents, & coaching institutes.
Start-ups and small businesses face huge competition from big cats in the market. To make a clear roadmap to success, it becomes essential to hire the top e-learning mobile application development company.

The blog contains the major instructions where you can actually understand the cost involved in e-learning app development. Also, it will help you realize how market competition & insights might affect your business model.

Before analyzing the cost and rest of the market details, let’s identify why you need to hire professional mobile app developers.

Need To Hire Skilled E-Learning Mobile App Development Company

Some major reasons:

1) Gets you results in more than your expectation

A branded & top app development company that has served multiple clients and big projects. Their expertise in solving various client requirements is fruitful for your project.

2) Dedicated team of developers, designers, & support helps a lot

Quality e-learning mobile application development company has a sound number of developers, designers, support teams, etc. It results in developing the best app for your business. For instance, AppSquadz; you can check out its portfolio and consult them on your requirements.

3) You can rest assured about market research & work process

To not have the label of “just-another app” you must aim at sound market research. That is why you need a company that has a strategic team to follow the app development process.

4) Service after project completion

App development is not limited once you get your app listed on the app or play store. After launch, the app gets many technical glitches, for which you need instant solutions.

Cost Required To Get Quality E-Learning Mobile Application Development Services

You must keep track of the factors that affect the cost of app development. As it also impacts your decision of hiring an e-learning mobile app development company.

1) Advanced features

The graphic UI/UX of your app affects its overall cost. For instance, some solutions where teachers can help students in a creative manner. Such features are most likely to increase your app cost.

2) Security features

When you offer content piracy prevention and smooth online streaming to your audience, you would need to flow higher funds into app development.

3) Type of app & development process

The type of apps also impacts the overall cost, for example opting for cross-platform e-learning mobile application development may exceed the budget. Additionally, the improvement in the app, testing it on several platforms increases the overall cost.

4) Finding the right team

Lastly, finding the right team means shortlisting experts & professionals. Developers, designers, quality analysts, etc. all team members are important for your business app. Moreover, Devs with decades plus years of experience charge $150/hr. Also, the amount varies according to the size of the project, and the skills of developers.

Cost & Market Analysis:

According to the mentioned factors here is the cost analysis of e-learning app development.

Developers in several geographical regions charge accordingly, for example; Indian developers may charge $50/hr and USA devs may charge $100/hr.

Although, when e-learning mobile application development companies take on international projects, they don’t consider charges of geographical situations, as mentioned above.

Here is the charges list according to the development process:

  1. a) Technical Requirements: 45hrs average with up to $900-$1500 (approximately)
  2. b) UI/UX design: Average 75hrs & cost approx $2000.
  3. c) Front-end & Back-end development: 450 average hrs, $10000-$15000 cost (approx)
  4. d) Testing: It takes an average 80hrs and costs $1500-$2500 approx.

A professional android app development company would consult and update you whenever the cost could exceed. Therefore, if you take approximately the above discussion, an impressive & efficient e-learning mobile app costs up to $10000-$30000.

Wrap Up

In today’s digital era, if you plan to get e-learning mobile application development services, prefer companies with genuine portfolios. The mentioned information explains the vital cost factors of developing an e-learning app. However, every business model differs from others, thus, the cost may vary from the mentioned ones.

To get complete insights regarding your business app, look out for experts. Mobile app development requires strategies, creativity, and a complete structure. Therefore, AppSquadz, a top mobile application development company in Noida, offers you quality app development solutions.


AppSquadz LLC is an eminent iOS and android app development company. Our team is esteemed for working aimed toward the complete satisfaction of the client. The company has the herd of world-class developers for android as well as iOS powered devices. An app enables you to access services conveniently. The name AppSquadz has excelled in the technical world with constant and outstanding efforts in technical services. We intend to add the most attractive designs and technical shortcuts to make the app must use because of its smooth functioning. For a professional approach, we are the best option as a mobile app development company.

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