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Effective tips to get rid of dandruff

It will be pretty embrassing when see those tiny little flakes that falls from the scalp on to your shoulder or on your attire when you are among the crowd or with friend or relatives. When you have dandruff, you are bound to not wear those lovely attire shades of blue or black as this might show you prominently the infection. This might also affect your self-esteem and so remains a basic barrier to your socializing. 

Most of us find the remedy by using the best anti dandruff medicated shampoo in India, however, due to the recurrence rate, the dandruff remains on the scalp and keeps you annoying every time you stop shampooing. In order to get the permanent solution, you might have to look into different solutions at home without spending much of your money. 

Here in this article, we will let you know some of effective tips you can try at home to get away from the fungal infection on the scalp:

Funugreek seeds paste

When you are thinking to get away from the scalp infection, fenugreeks are the best savior. They have best antifungal and bacterial properties, that gives great remedy to the dandruff. The seeds contain vitamins, nicotinic acid, proteins, and other essential minerals that delivers extra nourishment to the hair making it healthier. Applying the paste and rinsing the scalp might give you a permanent solution to deal with dandruff. 

Applying the paste of Multani mutti

We use the natural power made of Multani herb for cleansing your skin, and this can now be used to treat the dandruff as well. The benefits of fuller’s earth are more and thus you can now make it to get rid of the dandruff. It helps in absorbing the grease, oil and other dirt from the scalp making it healthier. As it contains the natural ingredients, it helps for easy blood circulation on the scalp allowing to maintain the scalp clean and free from the flakes. 

Massaging with olive oil

We know well about the benefits of olive oil in food, and it can make the same benefits on the hair as well. It assists in moisturizing the scalp and thus prevents the scalp from forming the white flakes. When applying and massaging gently with little olive oil helps in loosening those harden flakes and keeps the scalp from further formation of the same. The benefit of the oil further keeps your hair healthy and rejuvenate. The best medicated shampoo in India contains olive oil as the ingredient. 

Appling orange peel

We all know that orange fruit alone does not have the benefits, its peel will also make lot of benefits. The peel is rich in many vitamins, minerals, magnesium, and other exfoliating fibers that are effective and refreshing for the scalp. These together keeps the scalp healthy by removing the flakes on the scalp. This will fight free radicals on your scalp and best to deal with fungal infection as well. 


With the above home tips, you can now get rid of the dandruff at ease without you needing to spend amount. 

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