Enjoy surprises with flower delivery in Ghaziabad.

flower delivery in Ghaziabad

Since time eternal, people have given each other bouquets as a symbol of their care and love. The age-old tradition of gifting roses or other blooms has not lost its luster, and we still choose to cheer up our loved ones with their favorite blossoms. The practice of gifting flowers to each other goes back to thousand hours in history. Everyone in the olden times engaged in this practice, from the Egyptians to the Ancient Romans. Even then, civilization celebrated by presenting bouquets to their dear ones.

But the practice was reaching heights of popularity because of the Victorians. In Victorian England, the outward expression of emotions was not preferable, so people had to convey their feelings with the help of blossoms. Everything had a different meaning, even the color, and the size of the flowers had various meanings to the Victorians. The language of flowers is not lost today; people still use it while gifting bouquets to each other.

Where to get bouquets and flower delivery in Ghaziabad?

The advantage of living in this day and age is that we don’t have to wait for a long time for our gifts to reach each other. Just with a few clicks, people can place an order and have them reach their destinations. There are many competent online gift portals nowadays, and Oyegifts is the best among them. People still gift flowers to each other; we have not lost traditions in history. So, for flower delivery in Ghaziabad, all one has to do is- click for the needed bouquet and place the order.

Gift portals like Oyegifts have every gift that one can imagine, and they also have speedy delivery systems. The express delivery ensures that bouquets reach the recipients within the stipulated time limit and in perfect condition.

What type of blooms to choose for flower delivery to Ghaziabad?

Today’s society has embraced the tradition of gifting blooms, but every flower has a different message to convey. We list some of the most popular bouquets below-

Rose bouquet

Roses are the everlasting symbol of romance. Many choose to gift red roses for Valentine’s Day because they are the symbols of love and passion. Beautiful white roses are somber, and people link them with purity. We also use white roses at weddings, but some hold the opinion that white roses symbolize a heart that hasn’t known love. Yellow roses are cheery and sunny, but Victorians used to associate yellow roses with jealousy. Now, they are the markers of friendship and warm feelings.

Lily bouquet

Lilies are classic, and they remain a mass favorite even now. Lily bouquets are the most wonderful gift option, no matter the occasion. Whether it is an anniversary or a birthday, lily bouquets are a fitting gift. There are many different types and colors of lilies, and they each have a separate meaning. Pink lilies convey compassion and admiration, and they are a great gift for expressing love and care to your female family members. On the other hand, white lilies are symbols of purity and modesty. Many often use them in times of grief; we see white lily bouquets in funerals.

Carnation bouquet

Carnations are lovely, and people associate them with love and devotion. These flowers have been around for centuries, and some think the name came from the word ‘coronation’. In the old days, carnations were predominantly pink in colors, but now florists have many colors to build a carnation bouquet. Just like other white flowers, white carnations also symbolize purity, but they also stand for luck. Red carnations express affection and love for people, and pink ones are markers of gratitude. Interestingly, purple carnations convey capriciousness!

Orchid bouquet

Orchids are gorgeous, and they have several meanings to them. Orchids have been symbols of fertility and people tend to use them in baptisms and baby showers. To-be-mothers would appreciate a gift of orchid bouquets. You can also choose to send charming orchid flowers instead of the more common roses, to express your love. These symbols of beauty are the most coveted ornamental flowers, and they come in many colors. Orchids can be red, blue, white, purple, or even orange.

Mixed flowers

If you do not wish to gift someone a bouquet made with only white flowers, you can choose to gift a mixed one. Oyegifts has some of the most gorgeous mixed bouquets one could ever hope to see. Great combinations of lilies, orchids, roses are available. You can even choose to send chocolates, or cakes along with the bouquet of your choice.

Gifting flowers will never go out of style, so learn the language of flowers before deciding on a gift. There are thousands of types of flowers, and each of them has something to say. Well-made floral arrangements are a pleasure to the eyes, and anyone would love to receive such a gift. There are many online gift stores you can seek out for this purpose.

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