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Essential Commercial painting tips and how to go about it the easy way

Choosing a commercial painter is hard enough, especially if you are planning to give your business a facelift. And that’s why you need to be careful when selecting a commercial painter, since chances are that you would be utilizing the company to provide your business and even product commercials with brand new scenery, and in the process, even brand identity. Contrary to what most assume, commercial painting is not just about dabbing paint on the corner of an office and calling yourself a commercial painter. Just check out some of the essential tips posted below,

  • Choose the right color

Remember that you are the owner and as such, you get to make most of the decisions and even regarding the colors for your interior. Just keep in mind that you are providing your business with a facelift and in the process, you are planning to give it a whole new look, and even a whole new brand identity, something with which your products may be associated, in the future. So when it comes to selecting commercial painters in Auckland

you need to take care and choose the right colors, as these can be associated with your brand and your identity. Just keep in mind that how you appear to others matters a lot when you happen to be marketing several products. And that’s why you need to select colors and shades that others would find appealing and wholesome – rather than just go for contrasts.

  • Prep the space

Though generally, you can leave it to the professionals, you would be well-advised to handle this part on your own. You are talking about your office space and as such, you would have to clear out the space for the painters to work in.

And that would require for most of the office desks, files to be relocated to another part of the office that’s yet to be painted. Request a few office workers to help you move the desks and the files, after which, you can also ask them to remove all paintings and any other valuables from the main area that’s about to be painted. Once the painters arrive, they would clean and sand the walls, and this would cause the air to be laden with dust and other toxic chemicals. And that’s why you may want to take care, and ensure that the office you’re working in, happens to be completely cut-off from the areas that are being painted. And once it’s done, and it is dust-free, you can go ahead and remove the barriers.

  • Make sure that the primer is used

When it comes to residential painting, most painters tend to give the primer a miss. And that’s one of the reasons why you need to ensure that your commercial painters understand the importance of using a primer and utilize the same for this project.

By using a primer, you should be able to make your room stand out, the paints more durable and long-lasting. You can even request the painters to go for tinted primers as they are perfect for covering up any bald spots and even bright colors.

  • Pressure wash

When it comes to painting the exterior of your office building, you may want to hire professional cleaners to handle it. Ask them to pressure wash the whole exterior, so that it is free of dust, grime, and any additional stains. And once it is all removed, you can go ahead and call in the commercial painters to paint the exterior of your building.

These are a few essential tips regarding commercial painting that you may want to check out in advance. 

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