Everything you need to know about Nina Blackwood

Nina is known as one of the best five original MTV VJs and also an actress and model as well. Most of her personal and family details are not given or update in any of the articles. She has acted in limited number of movies and also TV shows like Vice Squad in the year 1982, Reckless Kelly in the year 1993, and I Crave Rock & Roll in the year 1996. These were all her famous movies in which she became famous among the people.

She started her career in Radio in the year 1999, in which she was a Manager and Producer. Danny Sheridan launched a national show that indicated the United Stations Radio Networks. The show was called as Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely 80’s and it has got an alternative such as “Nina Blackwood’s New Wave Nation”.  Some of the creative ways that she made for her career was on to the work where she to focus on studying.

The special event that is organized in the original MTV VJs

  • In the year 1980, The Hall of Fame Rock & Roll which turned back for the celebration and took place at the mentioned year.
  • After this incident, Nina literally planned to get the work on the closing it already.
  • After this, the work that are made for the hosting at the museum with Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and Nina Blackwood who were all the Original MTV VJs.
  • The chief curator who is none other than Rock Hall with the moderate discussion for the place which it is going to take.
  • Also, the new work where the process on participating will make the person in great aspect can get along the work on time.
  • The work that went on will get the new progress to make the broadcast communications on to the requested sources in time.
  • It has brought on to the different method on the conversation. The most popular process that took place in different events where the travel went on to the Chicago’s Museum.


nina blackwood

More information about Nina Blackwood

Her real name is Nina Kincker and her birthplace is Springfield, Massachusetts. The important thing about her family is that her father was a government server and Nina went on school even on Sundays. Nina grew up on the West side of Cleveland, Ohio and she went to Rocky River High School. Nina got graduation in the year 1970.

During her childhood, she was a playful kid and she always does singing and playing around. She was in the school’s band named High school Sweetheart’s band. Then they made a cover song named Venus. After entering to the broadcast she gave a nude appearance in the year of 1978 in the month of August which is called “Playboy Pictorial” and also “The Girls in the Office” as well.

Career life of Nina Blackwood

  • As a VJ, she gave her first debut on MTV in the year 1981. She went to Rocky River High School, Strasberg Institute. She got graduated and her University is not mentioned in any of the article.
  • Nina started up her first work in the year 1978 in the month of August. She gave first appearance in the unclothed in Playboy pictorial “The Girls in the Office”.
  • Then she appeared in different shows and also in movies like I crave Rock & Roll, Vice squad and Reckless Kelly. As a VJ, in the year 1981, Nina Blackwood gave her debut in MTV as a Video Jacky along with J.J. Jackson, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn.

Networth of Nina Blackwood

If you ask about the estimated net worth of Nina it is $500, 00 of USD dollars. Her music career literally gave her all these wealth and her magical voice gave her best gift to her life. Also, she is earning through her social media accounts, which still entertains the people. Her post in the online goes around hundreds of dollars and then the people can still likes her and encourages her as well.

Achievements of Nina Blackwood

Being the most inspiring personality she got high level movie awards and musical awards from the industry. She has won Critics Choice Television Award and Best Comedy supporting actress award and Music Maker of the year award.

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