Factors To Consider When Choosing A Tyre For Your Car

Tyres are a fundamental link between your vehicle and the road surface.

An appropriate set of tyres provide better steering, acceleration, handling and braking performance. Replacing the car tyres is a crucial part of tyre maintenance that every motorist has to come across. The tyres you select can determine your entire driving experience – Michelin Tyres Birmingham affects how efficiently your vehicle performs.

In this blog, our professionals have put together a list of some elements you must consider when buying tyres. Using the below-mentioned criteria, you can assess which tyres will suit your car and your driving requirements the most.

Tyre Width: The width of your car tyre is the first three digits of your tyre’s sidewall marking. Tyre width is essential for grip – a broader tyre has more contact with the ground, so it’s better for wet conditions. A tyre with a narrow width is less useful for delivering grip. The smaller contact surface allows the tyre to generate less noise while driving. So, you’ll have to choose whether you want driving comfort or all-weather performance.

Tyre Size: The size of the tyre is represented in a standard format on the tyre’s sidewall. For example, the tyre size – 205/55 R15 can be read as follows:-

205 – It’s the tyre’s width
55 – the tyre’s height
R – tyre construction – radial
15 – wheel rim diameter

Consider the following aspects to choose the right size of tyre for your vehicle –

Rim Size: Choose a tyre size that matches the size of your car’s wheel rim. Larger wheel rims minimise the sidewall height and thus, reduce sidewall flex while cornering. However, it will impact the comfort and ride quality.

Tread Width: Decide the width of the tyre as per your requirements. If you frequently corner at fast driving speeds, your car produces lots of power, you desire better braking, go for broader car tyres. However, if you want better fuel efficiency, you drive in extreme wet conditions, opt for thinner tyres.

Sidewall Height: Once you’ve selected the tread width and rim size, select a sidewall profile that keeps the tyres’ overall diameter as close to the original one as possible.

Tread Pattern: The tread pattern of a tyre influences the tyre performance in wet conditions, depending on its ability to disperse water away from the contact area between the tyre and the ground. The tread pattern plays a crucial role in controlling the noise generated by the vehicle while driving. Typically, there are three types of tread patterns:-

Symmetric: It’s the most common type of tread pattern. It can be mounted on the wheel rim in any direction.

Asymmetric: Asymmetric tyres have inside and outside facing sidewall markings. The advantage of these tyres is they ensure high-speed cornering and better treadwear.

Directional: Directional car tyres are more effective during tyre rotation. This tread pattern enables the tyre to efficiently disperse water from the car’s path and mitigate the risk of aquaplaning.

Tube-type or Tubeless: It’s better to buy tubeless tyres as they are more advanced, safe and have various other benefits as well. You don’t require alloy wheels to install tubeless tyres in your car. However, for the best performance, ensure that the steel wheels on your vehicle are free of rust and corrosion.

Tyre Age: Tyres can deteriorate even when they’re not used. The rubber compound of the tyre tends to soften over time. To ensure safety, do not buy tyres older than six months. You can find the date of manufacture on the tyre’s sidewall. Check the tyres’ manufacturing dates to ensure you’re getting safer tyres.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Manufacturers usually provide a warranty for all their tyres. So, while choosing a tyre model, look carefully at the warranty as well. Choose a brand that gives good coverage.

Rubber Compound: A tyre’s rubber compound determines the tyre’s treadwear characteristics and traction. Generally, the tread compound’s softness ensures the speed rating and traction of the tyre. So, always go for softer tyres.

Overall Tyre Quality: When buying Cheap Tyres Birmingham, also check the reputation of the tyre manufacturer. If the tyre brand is reputable, you can opt for their tyres.

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