Find The Causes of Canon Printer Offline

Printing may not go as smoothly and you may find yourself confronted by annoying technical issues while you the process of printing. In addition to its numerous problems, Canon Printer Offline Error is one that drives you into the ground when it stops working on the printing.

Canon Printer Offline problem is a common issue, but thankfully, it is able to be eradicated. But, prior to switching Canon printer offline and online version, the initial user must be aware of the common causes that cause the error happen.

Find The Causes of Canon Printer Problems Offline

There can be a myriad of causes for an offline printer. It is crucial to the user to be aware of the reasons for the canon offline printer error.

    1. Connection issue
    2. Unscrewed wire or USB cable
    3. Sleep mode for printers
    4. This printer has been put in pause mode.
    5. Paper jam issue
    6. Paper tray empty
    7. Internet connection slow
    8. Attacks by malware or viruses
    9. Software and printer drivers that are corrupted
    10. Printer drivers do not work with the latest Windows following an upgrade.

Steps To Fix Canon Printer Offline Error

There are many efficient ways that will aid you in fixing this Canon Printer offline Problem. There are a variety of solutions described on this page. So, try to follow the solutions each step by step and attempt to resolve the issue by yourself. Check out the most effective methods:

Step 1. Reconnect your printer using Wi-Fi.

Before you attempt something else, begin by following the basics. So, reconnect your printer to wifi.

  1. First, forget the router and disconnect it from the printer.
  2. Connect it to your printer. If you’re using USB cable, join them using the help of USB.
  3. Or , if you prefer connecting to your printer wirelessly to an internet router, start the WiFi Wizard Setup window of the touch screen printer and connect to it.
  4. Hold and press your printer’s Wi-Fi button until Wi-Fi light turns on.
  5. If you’re sure that your printer starts blinking blue, connect to your WiFi router and press the WPS button.
  6. These techniques will allow you to enable your printer to be connected to Wifi once more.

Step 2: Turn off the “Use Print Offline” Option on your PC:

  1. Click the “Start” button, then search for “Control Panel” in the search bar.
  2. Then, choose “Hardware as well as Audio” from the sub-categories on offer
  3. Choose “Devices and Printers” on the screen that opens.
  4. Right-click your Canon printer, and click “See what’s printing.”
  5. Select “Printer” available from the left edge of your screen. You can do this by clicking in the menu drop down.
  6. Check that you have checked that the setting “Use the printer offline” is checked off. If it’s checked, remove any tick marks and then save your modifications.
  7. After you’ve made your adjustments Once you’ve made the necessary changes, select “Cancel the entire document” and then connect to your Canon printer once more.

If you’re still not sure if the Canon printer is offline mode, you can jump to the next option.

Step 3. Restart your printer’s spooler

Printer Spooler handles all printing job that is sent out to printers. Try restarting the Spooler service , and make sure that this is able to fix the Canon printer offline issue.

    1. Press the Windows keys + R at the same time.
    2. This will allow you to open the Run box. Now type services.msc and hit Enter.
    3. The “Services” window will be opened, and you’ll see the number of Windows services. Select any service and repeatedly press P until the Printer Spooler appears.
    4. Right-click the Printer Spooler, and then select Properties in the drop-down menu.
        1. On the General Tab, select Stop option, which is located under Service status. Click”OK” in order to save modifications.
        1. It is expected that the Printer Spooler service will get disabled for the time being. Then, you can go to delete all printing tasks.
        2. To do this, you need to you need to open Window Explorer and open C drive. Windows >System32 Spool >> > PRINTERS.
        3. A pop-up message will appear on the screen, asking permission. Click to continue.
        4. Once a folder is opened, close the window and return to the General tab.
        5. Start the spooler process time. Change the Startup Type of the spooler to Automatic.
        6. Restart your computer and test with an experiment to see if the Canon printer offline error is gone or it is not.

Step 4: Update Your Canon Printer Drivers

If none of these methods perform, it’s because there’s a problem with the driver for your printer. Therefore, you must uninstall the driver of your printer first, and then install it manually.

Download from the official Canon setup site. After downloading the required driver and program, you can follow the following instructions to install the Canon printer drivers in a correct manner.

  1. open the Run window by pressing the Windows button and the letter R simultaneously on the keyboard.
  2. Then, open Device Manager> > Print Queues (in the submenu),
  3. right click on the hardware of the printer and choose Update Driver.
  4. The window will now ask you questions like “How do you intend to locate this driver?”
  5. Choose ‘Browse my Computer’ for driver software’, then go on.

Select the option to install the driver for your Lexmark printer troubleshooting. Then, make the necessary updates.

  1. Then reboot your system to examine if the error has been fixed or not.

The steps above will definitely aid you in turning your Canon printer to online.


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