Five reasons why you should consider outsourcing retail customer service

Outsourcing customer service for retail business is the act where you outsource your customer service duties to a retail BPO service provider. Learn it is right for you.

Have you ever come across this saying that the result of growth is change?

There is a lot of truth to it. As your business grows, it is guaranteed to incur a lot of change. One place where this growth-fueled change often manifests itself is in how to support your customers. The last thing you want is to see your customers keep multiplying while your CX and customer satisfaction suffers.

Businesses in this predicament often ask a similar question: should we consider outsourcing customer services for retail stores? Your first reaction to that question depends on your experience with outsourcing retail customer service.

Know why outsourcing acts as a game-changer for your retail business.

What is customer service outsourcing?

Retail customer service outsourcing is the act of outsourcing some aspect of your customer service operations to a third-party vendor. A BPO contact center team of outsourced agents who learn your products and services, policies, and brand voice to resolve customer requests across channels on your behalf.

Benefits of outsourcing customer service for retail stores:

If your initial feedback on the idea of outsourcing is negative, it is possible your understanding of outsourcing needs to be modernized.

International outsourcing grew wildly in popularity in the mid-1990s. This huge rise in outsourcing caused a lot of growing pains. However, as processes and technology have improved throughout the last few decades, these pains have mostly dissipated.

Today hiring a BPO is an increasingly common move for growing companies. Here are a few benefits of outsourcing retail customer services.


A retail customer service BPO can help in improving your ability to staff up for a busy season or offer after-hours support to your customers.

Access to specialized expertise:

It is an affordable way of getting expert help in main areas like customer support.


It enables you to quickly scale and stay focused on other areas that require your attention.

Inbound customer service channels are necessary for all retail business domains. Here is how outsourcing helps:

Increase in sales:

If numbers speak the truth, almost 70-80% of prospects do not complete the intended purchase transaction due to poor customer service or a bad experience at the time of purchase. Therefore, consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service only from the ones which provide better after-sale service and revert a quick reply to their queries.

As there is a rise in competition in every sector, businesses need to be on their toes to offer exceptional cx. This is where the role of outsourcing retail customer service comes into the picture. It assures a comfortable and well-informed customer experience.

Importance of Reviews:

With the boom in the e-commerce industry and social media review channels, customers have become very specific about product or service reviews. Therefore, prior to their purchase, they do a lot of research on the products through other customer reviews.

Moreover, it affects their buying habits immensely. Outsourcing to retail BPO companies, when done correctly, on the one hand, acts as an inhibitor for bad reviews and acts as a catalyst for sales on the other. Good customer service offers better sales and ratings, which ultimately results in increased sales.

Brand Awareness:

The acquisition has become much simpler nowadays with the lead generation channels. But, considering the most difficult part is the retention of those customers. When we say that the e-commerce industry has shown a rise in the last few years, so has the competition with more new brands offering similar products and services.

Retail customer service BPO companies not only answer customer queries but also increase brand awareness by providing good after-sale service as a customer tends to share a good experience with their peers.


It is very clear, until now, that retail businesses need a dedicated resource to take care of customer calls. For a fruitful business, thousands of customers can connect with them every day.

The customers might be hesitant to associate with a new brand, but the experienced call center agents of a retail call center can help in easing this process for them by establishing trust in your services. Also, promising them dedicated support at the time of need and, thus, providing cost-effective services.

Increase in profit:

Customer service is a consistent duty to be followed, and with a dedicated retail customer support team, you can focus on your core business and increase your time.

Customers calling you on a repeated scale can be a real time-consuming and tedious process. Retail BPO agents easily pick up the task for your business giving you more time to focus on the core business responsibilities that might be affected otherwise.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Excellent customer service is critical to the growth of your business. However, outsourcing customer service for retail stores can feel like you are trusting someone else who can raise your child when you are busy with other important work. It is thus very important to research and make an informed decision before choosing a retail BPO company.

While it may feel daunting, outsourcing retail customer services is also a proven way to effectively scale your customer service and provide exceptional support to your growing business.

Lastly, If you’re facing challenges in staying on top of your support queue or providing an excellent CX, outsourcing to a reputable retail BPO service provider may be the key to unlocking future growth.


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