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Fun Google assistant tips and tricks

Fun Google assistant tips and tricks and some important settings.

Fun Google assistant tips and tricks and some important settings.

Hi friends how are you? So in this article, I will show you the most important and funniest tips and tricks related to google assistant that make your day. And also some important settings. I hope you find it helpful, so let’s begin



Benefits of google assistant


first, let’s talk about the benefits of using google assistant. There is a lot of benefits of using google assistant that describes below.

With the help of google assistant, you can control your mobile and your smart device with your voice command. You can find any information online like weather, news, restaurant booking, etc. There are also a lot of benefits of google assistant that you can read below. The performance of google assistant is best as compared to Alexa and iPhone assistant


If you don’t know how to enable Google assistant Don’t worry because I’m here. Watch the video below to know how to enable and set up Google assistant.


CLICK HERE to watch the video

So below I will tell you the funny and some important tricks that help in your daily life. If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends and family members

No.1 Animal sound



If you want to know how does an animal makes a sound you can find it in just a second. So open your Google assistant and ask how does an elephant makes a sound? Then you are ready to listen to the sound of that animal




No. 2 Tell me a joke



Sometimes you get bored in this situation you can tell your Assistant to “tell me a joke” and then your Google assistant will play a joke for you




No. 3 Find the name of the song



Sometimes you will listen to a song on TikTok or any other platform but you forget the name of that song. So in this situation, Google assistant will help you a lot. So first open your Google assistant and tell them “hi google” “identifies the song”, and then just sing the song that you want to find the name. And your Google assistant tells you the name of that song.




No. 4 Flip a coin



By this trick, you can flip a coin on your mobile screen from your google assistant. For that just open google assistant and tell them to “flip a coin” (like hey Google flip a coin). This trick helps you a lot in toss like when you’re going to play a cricket match and you don’t have any coin or any other stuff for tossing then this tip will help you in tossing




No. 5 Taking a screenshot

Did you know that Your Google assistant will take a screenshot for you? Sometimes when your hands are busy like while eating or working and you need to take a screenshot for that you don’t need to press the button just open your Google assistant by speaking ok Google and tell them to “take a screenshot” and your Assistant will take a screenshot for you.

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