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Grenada: Still Beautiful After the Storms

In the Caribbean island Grenada, the balmy tropical air is a scene with aromas of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Also known by the name of Spice Isle, Grenada has been the second-largest producer of nuts. The oldest spice plantations and farms scatter throughout Grenada.

Capital city St. George’s is often called the most picturesque and beautiful city in the Caribbean.

The harbour’s horseshoe-shaped natural form surrounds it by pastel structures that have red tile roofs. Hillsides houses overlook the bay.

The Carenage is a popular name. The harbour is home to colourful fishing vessels, cruise ships and yachts. Ships. In the port, fishermen from the area announce their catch for the day using tradition’s blowing conch shells. On the waterfront, you can find restaurants and shops. Explore the vibrancy of the island by taking visiting Market Square — located in the middle of the city. This vibrant and bustling marketplace is where you’ll be able to see all the fruits and vegetables of the earth when local vendors showcase and sell their deep products of vegetables, fruits and spices. You can also purchase an array of local crafts.

Grenada is a stunning beach of white sand and a mountainous interior with lush tropical forests with cascading waterfalls and volcanic lake crater lakes. Many lovely flowering plants and flowers, including numerous rare species, thrive in the islands. Grenada has participated in the famous Chelsea Flower Show and awarded both silver and gold awards for its beautiful display.

The Arawak Indians inhabited Grenada before the fierce Caribs drove them out. In 1498, while on his third trip, Christopher Columbus caught sight of the island and called Grenada. He named it Concepcion; Spanish sailors later changed the name to Granada due to its similarity to the lush hilltops of Spain. The Caribs had fought hard against Europeans when they tried to colonize and settle on the island. The French eventually took over and set up a colony, and they named this Le Grenade. The legend goes that one of the Caribs leapt off the cliff and died instead of surrendering. The French designated the area “Le Mourne de Sauteurs,” which translates to “Leapers Hill.” Know everything about Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy before booking a flight to Grenada.

The French colony was in existence for more than a century before Britain took the island in 1763. The Treaty of Paris formally ceded the island to Britain in 1763. In a series of “tug of wars,” the island returned to the French administration for three years. Britain returned to power in 1783 following the Treaty of Versailles, Grenade renaming Grenada.

Grenada was declared an independent nation in 1974. the then Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy became the first Prime Minister. In 1979 the government was overthrown by the force of a Marxist coup. The PM was an exile from the country, and the party headed by Maurice Bishop took office. The year 1983 was when the tiny islands of Grenada were the subject of international attention when opposition within the regime caused a coup d’etat with severe consequences.

Maurice Bishop was placed under house arrest but released from his supporters. In a matter of hours, Maurice Bishop and a few members of his administration and several civilians died. In the days that followed the uprising, USA and Caribbean forces took over Grenada and transferred power to Grenada’s Governor-General. Elections were reopening in 1984, and the country continues to function as a democracy.

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada and caused massive and widespread destruction. Many people kill, and several others lose their homes or businesses. The majority of Nutmeg plants destroy.

With the determination to face the storms and overwhelming international support, the country has made steady progress in recovering. Despite the years of turmoil, Grenada has produced many extraordinary people or women who made significant contributions to the Caribbean and across the globe. Grenada has emerged as an island that continues to draw people who come to its gorgeous beaches.

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