Guide For Filing VAT Return In UAE

Under UAE VAT, the primary VAT return filing, in an effort to be filed via means of the ones organizations for whom the month-to-month VAT go back is applicable. The organizations are required to record VAT Return online the usage of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) portal. The FTA portal is designed to simply accept the returns best via online mode as offline abilities to record VAT return filing or go back via XML, EXCEL or some other application are presently no longer to be had. This means that the taxpayer is needed to manually offer the values of Sales, Purchase, Output VAT, Inputand Input VAT etc. in the perfect bins of the VAT go back in shape to be had in the Federal tax authority portal.

The VAT Return filing form is known as ‘VAT 201’ which the taxpayer wishes to fill and put up so as to finish the VAT Return filing. The Form VAT 201 is extensively classified into 7 sections as referred to below:

  •     VAT on expenses
  •     Net VAT Due
  •     Additional reporting requirements
  •     Declaration and Authorized Signatory
  •     Taxable Person Details
  •     VAT Return Period
  •     VAT on sales

Each of those sections comprise numerous bins wherein the taxpayer wishes to supply the info so as to finish the VAT Tax go back filing. Each of the above sections and the info required to be provided in applicable bins of VAT Return Form 201 are mentioned below:

Why Is It Important To Get The VAT Return In UAE?

The UAE VAT go back submitting requires the information required at a precise stage which means the consolidated information of Sales, Purchase/fees, output VAT and Input VAT. More importantly, the information wants to be consolidated consequently to the layout as prescribed with the aid of using the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Every detail is mandatory including the Tax Residency Certificate. If you carefully observe, in positive boxes, the detailing isn’t always simply the consolidation of income or purchases. Instead, it calls for a sub-stage detailing or statement of information primarily based totally at the eligibility. For example, widespread rated income is required on the Emirates stage, the taxpayer is needed to supply simplest the ones fees or purchases on which he’s eligible to get the VAT return filing etc. It can be exceptionally hard for agencies to manually collate and assemble transactions for submitting VAT Return filing and with the aid of using doing so, you may be walking the hazard of lacking time limits which subsequently result in non-compliance.

Thus, it’s far a need for organizations to have the proper tax accounting software program so that it will now no longer best assist you to account in your VAT transactions however additionally triangulate your commercial enterprise facts to generate the correct VAT Return withinside the prescribed format. By having the proper Tax accounting software program, organizations can without difficulty generate the correct VAT Return filing with 0 or minimal efforts and extra importantly, keep away from the hefty consequences starting from AED 1,000 to 3,000 for non-submitting or wrong submitting of VAT Returns.

How To Get The VAT Return Filing Done In UAE?

To get the access to VAT Return Form 201, the taxpayer has to log in to the FTA e-Services portal using your registered username and password. From the Navigation menu, pick out the ‘VAT’->VAT 201- VAT Return-> click on ‘VAT 201-New VAT Return’ to provoke the VAT go back submitting process.

On clicking ‘VAT 201- New VAT Return’ as proven withinside the above image, diverse sections of VAT go back in shape will open.

Let us talk little by little about the method of worrying in submitting the VAT Tax go back alongside the statistics required to be provided in every of the subsequent sections.

Fill your details

In the above section, info together with the “TRN” or “Tax Registration number of the taxpayer, in addition to their call and deal with could be captured. This info could be auto-populated. It is essential to have a tax residency certificate.

In case of a tax agent filing the VAT go back on behalf of a taxpayer, the info of TAAN (Tax Agent Approval Number) and the related TAN (Tax Agency Number) alongside the Tax Agent and the Tax Agency call are populated on the pinnacle of the VAT Return.

VAT return period

The info withinside the above phase which includes VAT go back duration for that you are presently submitting a go back, the Tax Year quit, VAT go back period reference wide variety and VAT go back due date may be auto-populated.

The tax year quit is essential for agencies who aren’t capable of get better all in their enter VAT and want to carry out an enter tax apportionment annual adjustment. Such adjustment is permitted simplest withinside the first go back following the tax year. VAT go back duration reference wide variety suggests the VAT go back duration which you’ll be finishing inside that tax year.

VAT On Expenses

In the above section, you want to provide the information of purchases or fees that you have paid VAT at a general price of 5% and components issued to opposite fee foundations alongside the eligible recoverable enter tax.

VAT On Sales

In the above section, you need to provide the information of general charge taxable components on the Emirates level, 0 charge resources, exempt supplies, supplies challenge to opposite rate mechanism, etc.


For agencies, a tax accounting software program like our forthright consultancy will play a key position in defining the achievement of a commercial enterprise withinside the discipline of compliance adherence. Our consultancy will cautiously compare the software program on the way to assist in hassle-free transition of your business into a brand new VAT regime, ease of accounting VAT and submitting returns.

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