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People’s health is sensitive and delicate, and healthcare web marketing requires caution. Tact, professionalism, and competence are necessary, combined with excellent knowledge of the legislation that regulates this specific discipline. It is not possible to apply to the letter the marketing rules that are valid for other sectors or the techniques of persuasive communication because the law rightly places constraints on protecting the patient. In the healthcare sector, there is no room for errors. We will explain how web marketing activity in healthcare can be useful to make your outpatient activity or clinical facility known. And how it can also become a useful tool for informing and disseminating, thus promoting prevention and early care.


  • What is healthcare web marketing?
  • The importance of content and healthcare web marketing
  • The legislation in the field of health advertising
  • How to create a healthcare website design?
  • Categories and keywords in healthcare marketing
  • Healthcare marketing and planning
  • Write clearly but sufficiently technical
  • Quotes are important in web marketing
  • Follow good SEO practices
  • And finally… spread the information

What is healthcare web marketing?

What is healthcare web marketing? When we talk about marketing in the healthcare sector, we are not referring to the simple application of the typical strategies of traditional marketing to the healthcare sector. Instead, the issue is complex: people’s health is a delicate topic that requires marketing to be specially adapted for the purpose.

You can’t just sell medical services when people’s health is at stake. But on the other hand, tact, forethought, and compliance with some rules provided for by the 2019 Budget Law, which introduced the ban on promotional health advertising, are necessary. The creation of quality content, therefore, becomes the key not only to making yourself known to future patients but also to transforming marketing from mere advertising into a dissemination tool. Healthcare web marketing can therefore take advantage of a marketing strategy called inbound.

The term inbound marketing was created in 2005 by Hubspot, a US company that develops software for the marketing field. The term refers to creating quality content (audio, video, multimedia) that attracts people to their company, aligning them with users’ interests. Following these principles, therefore, inbound health marketing can be interpreted as a simple scientific dissemination operation.

“Web marketing in health care is not advertising but scientific dissemination!”

The importance of content and healthcare web marketing

As every doctor knows, in the scientific field, the authority of a scientist is linked to the number of scientific publications and the number of citations of his articles in other research works. Healthcare inbound marketing translates this same logic to scientific dissemination on the web.

In other words, the more updated you are, publish quality content and collect citations from other web authors, the more the search engine algorithms will reward you by assigning articles to the top positions on the search pages. Furthermore, the more the information products will be updated and in line with the real needs of patients (or potential patients), the more they will know the services you offer and will contact you. And your healthcare web marketing strategy will be effective.

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The legislation in the field of health advertising

The 2019 Budget Law introduces an important aspect of health-related communications. The art. 1, paragraph 525, asserts that “information communications from private health care facilities and those enrolled in the registers of the health professions […] in any legal form they carry out their activity […] may contain only useful information to guarantee the safety of health treatments, excluding any element of a promotional or suggestive nature, in compliance with the free and conscious determination of the patient, to protect public health, the dignity of the person and their right to correct health information “.

How to create a healthcare website design?

To create a healthcare website design, the first thing is to choose the topics you want to cover carefully to cover. Identifying those most closely related to your profession or the services you offer at your clinic or clinic will be necessary. Examples of arguments that can be lent to this purpose are:

  • the answers to the questions you most frequently receive from patients
  • some tips to improve the quality of life of your patients
  • popular articles that deepen the issues you deal with research data and specific therapies
  • updates related to your specific clinical practice

Categories and keywords in healthcare marketing

They may be related to subspecialty aspects of your medical branch, but they must nonetheless concern important areas of your profession. For example, a dermatologist might choose medical, surgical, cosmetic, and clinical cases as categories. It is also essential to set up a vertical health marketing strategy for the topics covered.

In choosing keywords, on the other hand, write a list of words or phrases that your patients could use to search for answers to a health problem you or your clinic are dealing with. Choose specific keywords if you are trying to reach a particular type of person. Try to identify with your potential patients: what would they look for on the web, for which you have the answer?

Healthcare marketing and planning

Planning is the key to a successful healthcare web marketing strategy; therefore, it is necessary to have a precise editorial plan. Being able to publish articles regularly increases your authority in the eyes of search engines. Furthermore, an updated content production reinforces the sense of competence perceived by potential patients as well as documenting your activity of constant study, research, and updating.

Write clearly but sufficiently technical

Always remember who your readers are. Getting lost in speeches that use too technical or hyper-specialties terminology is unnecessary, but the information must be coherent and professional. Very technical language could make your article difficult for a layperson to understand.

It is, therefore, essential to balance competence and understanding: for this reason, healthcare web marketing can be interpreted as a simple scientific dissemination operation. Therefore, it is essential to balance competence and understanding.

Quotes are important in web marketing

It is essential to provide clear, truthful, and verifiable information.

A good strategy can also include directly citing articles in the main scientific journals. You can also quote directly open-source papers in international journals by inserting an appropriate direct link. This increases your online trustworthiness, and search engines will reward your healthcare web marketing strategy with better SERP positions.

Also, remember to create a good internal link network so that your articles talk about different topics but are related.

Follow good SEO practices

In addition to what we have explained above, don’t forget the good practices of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). The quality of the content is certainly fundamental, but the user experience is equally important for good positioning in search engines.

Finally, use at least one featured image. The images help the reader immediately understand what the article will be about and improve the user experience. Use photos optimized for the web, which are not too heavy but at the same time are of quality. You can find open-source images on sites like Pixabay or paid sites like Adobe Stock.

And finally… spread the information

When designing your web marketing strategy, do not forget to encourage the dissemination of your content through the social networks most used by your potential patients.

Especially on the web, first impressions are what matter. So when defining your healthcare marketing strategy, leave nothing to chance.

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