Hearing Aids Singapore: Bernafon vs Resound

Look into Bernafon Hearing Aids


Introduction of Bernafon


Bernafon, based in Bern, Switzerland, has been empowering people to communicate and hear better for more than 70 years. An independent business unit of Demant, which makes Bernafon hearing aids, it provides a comprehensive range of rechargeable hearing aids, fitting software, connectivity devices and apps.


Bernafon has 20 subsidiaries and sells hearing aids in 70 countries worldwide. Taking advantage of the brand’s industry-leading R&D facilities of Demant, the products provide clear and natural sound in busy environments. They also offer optimal speech understanding and wirelessly connect to audio devices.


Bernafon hearing aids are designed to provide consumers more control. They’re ergonomic and discrete, and they’re comfortable, simple to use, and built to last. They’re available in a variety of colors, forms, and designs, so you’re sure to find one that meets your requirements.


Bernafon hearing aids are available in a variety of styles.


Bernafon hearing aids provide a natural sound quality and a simple, low-cost design. With seven distinct performance areas to pick from, you’re sure to discover the ideal model to improve communication and improve your quality of life. 


Bernafon has three distinct types of hearing aids to choose from, depending on your needs, lifestyle, and price. 


  • BTE hearing aids are strong devices that nestle securely behind the ear and are offered for persons with mild to profound hearing loss. A clear tube links a plastic casing to a bespoke earmold worn in the outer ear.
  • Hearing aids from ITE: Hearing aids that fit in the ear canal are the most unobtrusive on the market. They are specifically made to match your ear, ensuring that they are pleasant and inconspicuous. They are suitable for persons with mild to severe hearing loss. 
  • RITE hearing aids: receiver in the ear solutions combine the finest features of BTEs and ITEs to provide a powerful and unobtrusive solution.


Accessories for Bernafon Hearing Aids 


From everyday Bernafon batteries and cleaning supplies to technologies that wirelessly link you to your life, accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 


Hands-free streaming from your phone and other Bluetooth devices is possible with the Sound Clip A. The TV-A TV adapter connects your Viron, Leox, or Zerena hearing aids to a high-quality sound source. You may alter volume and programmes independently using the RC-A remote control. In addition, the Easy Control-A app has a variety of functions for optimal ease.


The cost of hearing aids 


The cost of a Bernafon hearing aid is determined on the technology, model, and features. A single hearing aid can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on the brand. A pair of these shoes will set you back roughly $4,600 on average.


Look into Resound Hearing Aids


Introduction to Resound


ReSound was founded in 1943 and expanded on its own until joining with a Danish conglomerate. In 1996, the GN Group acquired the firm, which it later sold in 1999. ReSound hearing aids are presently offered in more than 80 countries throughout the world, with its headquarters in Denmark.


Sound Innovations by ReSound 


In 1996, ReSound introduced the first software-based hearing aids to the market, and later created the first 2.4 GHz direct communication technology. This technology was originally created for Apple hearing aids to deliver greater sound quality and direct stereo sound streaming. The company’s current hearing aids use 2.4 GHz technology from the fifth and sixth generations. 


The pinna (auricle), the outside portion of your ear, is meant to replicate the operation of the ReSound remote microphone. The pinna’s job is to collect sound energy and route it toward the eardrum. The remote microphone takes advantage of your ear’s natural shape to improve hearing by increasing directional location, reducing wind noise, and localising sound.


Advantages and disadvantages 


iSolate nanotech is an ultra-thin and one-of-a-kind covering made up of a nanoscale polymer combination that protects hearing aids against perspiration, moisture, and humidity. This protective substance forms a molecular link with the hearing aid and protects every internal and exterior component of ReSound devices. A free online hearing test is also available from the firm. 


A disadvantage is the lack of pricing transparency, since the corporation does not publish exact model prices on its website. The price ranges between $1,200 and $3,000 for each hearing device. They have fewer models than many of their competitors.


Conclusions on the Best Hearing Aid Brands


You should choose listening equipment that is both comfortable and helpful in improving your hearing. Find out what features are available right now. You might want to inquire about direct audio input, which would allow you to use assistive listening equipment used in schools, theaters, and other public locations. 


It’s critical to get a comprehensive understanding of all the costs associated with the hearing aid (including batteries and repairs). Remember to evaluate expected battery life with the cost per battery if you expect to go through batteries regularly. It’s also critical to understand what the guarantee entails. You


It might be difficult to adjust to new listening equipment. Learn how to use your listening devices. Before you leave your hearing specialist, make sure you can simply put the new aid in, change the volume control, and replace the batteries. One of the most prevalent complaints among new users is that their own voice is too loud. It usually takes some time to adjust to this. Another point to consider is feedback. This is frequently brought on by a poor hearing aid fit or earwax accumulation. Modifications will need to be made by your hearing practitioner.


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