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We feel the importance of living in a place to fulfill your life more than ever. Home is not only a place, but home is also” the place.” Your house offers you security and stability. Your home, regardless of whether you rent it or own, villa, or apartment, is a completion of your lifestyle, and it is the place where you return for balanced happiness. Your home is part of your life and your story.

We know all these, and we are committing to assisting you in finding your home, not only a house. We are committed to only offering you premium properties to feel at home, and this is why we pay great attention to the property we select for our portfolio. They are diverse in style and endowment, but mainly they remain a referral for premium finishing, space, superior amenities, and, above all, safety.

We briefly describe our portfolio, reassuring you that you have a specific preference; we are here to assist you.

An ample selection of apartments for rent in Qatar

We have selected for you approximately 300 apartments for rent all over Qatar. They differ in size and style, yet they represent our commitment to offering your dream home. The flats also vary in size and furnishing. You may choose generous studios, as well as spacious penthouses.

We included the poshest areas in a beautiful neighborhood. All residential areas are part of the complex infrastructure that provides a comfortable living.

Selected Villas for Rent in Qatar

There are 24 villas for rent at this moment in our portfolio. We are very exigent while we choose our properties, as we want them to represent the tenant. They are sophisticated, highly refined, and you may consider a part of them a sample of luxurious living. They are stylish and provided with gardens, pools, generous parking slots.

Offices for rent

Qatar is a country in expansion, and the importance of having a representative office becomes more obvious. We offer a wide range of commercial and offices for rent, responding to the level of business you develop. We have a space for you from small offices to fully fitted full floors.

Properties for sale – apartments and villas

Owning a house is synonymous with being at home. This is why we encourage our clients to analyze the opportunity of buying a property – regardless of whether it is a house or a flat. We offer you exquisite properties, some of which are exclusivities on the Qatari market. We invested our know-how, network, dedication, and time for you to have the house of your dreams. For you to be home.

Time for closing the real estate sale contract. What documents do you need?

The property transfer procedure is simple and low cost. All you need is:

  • ID (or passport, if applicable), original, and copy.
  • Property deeds in original and copy. Property Act can be a sales contract authenticated by a notary public, a donation contract, a certificate of an heir, a judgment, etc.
  • Tax certificate. A tax certificate is obtained from the Directorate of Local Taxes where the property is situated, and the certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Energetic certificate.
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