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How Can Collaborative Learning Enhance Performance in Writing Action Research?

Do you want to improve the results of your action research project? Then, a collaborative learning process can be the best way for you. Writing action research for students is a boring and hectic job. It requires diverse information and strong critical analysis. Doing this type of research alone cannot give you as effective results as you would get with collaboration. Students can learn many other skills to help them build better communication and professional skills.

This article sheds light on how collaborative learning can enhance performance in writing action research.

Action Research:

It is research that the professionals of particular subjects conduct to promulgate continuous improvement and reflection. It is used in many professions such as education, sociology, psychology, nursing, medicine etc. writing action research is very popular in the education field. Tutors and teachers usually use it to check the effectiveness of various teaching techniques to promote student learning.

You must first understand its process to conduct action research and write it effectively. It usually start by determining your research issue and then try to make a research question from this issue. Also You can then make an action plan to address this research question. Your plan should include how you will collect evidence and data for your study. The most common data collection methods that are used for writing action research are work samples of the participants, field notes, peer feedback, audio or video recording, surveys,  questionnaires, observation of group or individual behavior etc. after selecting the data collection method and analyzing it; you should find a better action plan. Make changes in your plan, and then start your research again all over again. By doing this again, you might come up with better results, so try to do this process several times. You can also hire a PhD dissertation writing service if you are unable to do on your own.

Collaborative Learning:

As you can see, writing action research is a cyclical process. This means you must do the research process and make effective actions several times. This job can become very hectic if it is done individually. Therefore, collaborating learning can help to write action research.

1. Gives better solutions to the research question:

Action research aims to find accurate results of the main research question. Collaborative learning requires the whole group to solve a problem. From this, people can get many possible aspects or solutions from individuals with different perspectives and opinions. This can help the group develop a unique idea they could never think of on their own. The whole group can discuss each person’s suggestions to come up with the best results. This way, the group can do action research with better problem-solving skills.

2. Promotes social interaction:

Writing action research requires each individual or group to interact. This means the group members must work as a team to achieve effective results. In the group, each individual might have a different personality type. Collaborating learning can help them interact better socially, leading to better analyses and results.

3. Bolsters creativity in the research:

Creativity is an important element that can take your research to another level. Combining various ideas and views can lead to creative solutions for your action research. Any suggestion from one person can inspire another creative idea in another’s mind in a team.

4. Allows the research team members to have fun:

Writing action research can be boring as you have to repeat the same process repeatedly. This can also affect your performance. Doing this research through collaborative learning can be less tedious and more fun than doing various research-related tasks alone. You can do many fun tasks together, like role-playing and solving research puzzles or discussion sessions. This way, you feel more relaxed and comfortable while doing your research. You will not get bored as collaborating learning will allow you to have fun while doing your research work. You are more likely to perform better in your research project with a more interactive and healthy working environment.

5. Builds strong relationships:

Doing action research through collaboration can help you build strong relationships with other group members. It can help you make new friends or increase your social group. It could help you connect with other members as you get to know them through collaborative learning, which will also help you in your fieldwork. This can help you to perform your research better and will also help to have better professional relationships.

6. Helps to write better analysis:

Writing action research plan demands rigorous analysis of a particular issue. Your analysis can significantly improve through collaborative learning. By working together, participants can think critically. They discuss and analyze the collected data to determine the best decisions or results. This can help them to critically analyze different aspects of your research. An effective critical analysis can take your action research to another level.

7. Improves the quality of your research content:

Your content in your action research can be highly improved by collaborative learning. In a group, different people come from different cultures and backgrounds. Thus, they all have different things to share. They have different ways of learning and different ideas or opinions. This way, you can gain a variety of information that you can use to improve the quality of the content in your research.

8. Improves writing style in research:

Your writing expression can drastically improve if you collaborate as a team while writing action research. Collaboration can help the team members to write in a way that can make sense to all of them. This way, your expression can become clearer and more persuasive to your audience as each team member uses their writing skills and techniques to improve it.


Collaborative learning will give you high-quality information, analysis and results for action research as it promotes awareness, critical thinking, fun, and creativity. This way, you can develop better solutions for your research problem. Writing action research can become very easy and more engaging with collaboration. Thus, learn the art of collaborative learning to perform better in your research.

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