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How does interior painting affect you psychologically?

Before painting your interior home, people usually look for hues that speak to their personality, Colour of your walls should reflect your personality, but it is also important for you to know that your selected colours will also affect your thought and mood. Yes, colours do have a psychological effect on your mood.

Room colour psychology is a fundamental part of every individual’s daily life affecting their energy levels and mood with the room colour they choose for their interior walls. Not just this, interior colours also have the power to change the size and shape of the room. Interior painting in Auckland can be done with a colour that suits your mood.  Let’s see how colour affects so many things.

What is room colour psychology?

In this busy life, most individuals do not spend much time thinking about their room colours, but the room colours effects in many ways which include gender, age, climate, and ethnic background. Certain colours or a group of many colours receive some common reactions from people, and for this reason, choosing colours wisely is important.

Before deciding the colour you want your room to be painted first ask yourself about the mood you want to create in the room. Next, you can find out which colour matches that mood. To help you and give you a fair idea about the colours and the mood they create, we have listed a few colours in the list check it out.

Warmer colours

Red- It is a warm colour and it raises the energy level of people. Red also stimulates passion and love, and anger and power. Blood pressure rise, increase in heart rate and speed respiration can be the result of red rooms. Red is best for dining, or living room.

Orange- In warmer colours, orange is an energetic colour that brings enthusiasm and excitement to individuals. Because of its energetic effects, the playroom for kids or the exercise room can be painted orange colour.

Pink- Pink is a calm colour and also the colour of love. Pink is associated with kindness and love, and also boosts creativity. You can paint your office, bedroom pink.

Cooler colours

Green- Among the cooler colours green is a restful colour. Green colour relieves stress and improves fertility. Bedroom, kitchen, and living rooms can be painted green.

Blue- In the cooler colour list, blue brings calmness. It lowers blood pressure and slows the rapid heart rate. You can paint your bedroom and bathroom blue.

Purple- Purple brings sophistication. Lighter purple gives us relaxation. Purple would suit you best in your living room and office.

Neutral colour

Grey- Among the neutral colours grey brings comfort and warmth. The colour is entirely versatile. Grey colour classic and timeless. You can paint any room grey.

White- White is another timeless colour. White makes the room look spacious. Every corner of your home can be painted grey.

These were the list of colours with the mood they convey. Before choosing the colour of your interior home, recall them then you will find the difference.


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