How does kindergarten school help the children to build their foundational skills?

The days when the children used to learn by writing alphabets, repeating first syllables, imitating parents, or scribbling on the walls are passé. Today, parents are working; toddlers are taken to preschools and kindergarten to learn lessons that their mothers and grandmothers used to give. 

 Kindergarten school has become a stepping stone for success. From learning the alphabet to increasing their cognitive ability to honing their motor skills, these schools work on the overall development of the kids.

 How does kindergarten school help the children to build their foundational skills?


  1. They have a child-centered approach to improving their abilities 


Kindergarten schools‘ approach is child-centered and aims to further their inquisitive mind. The learning provided is hands-on and helps the kids face real-world problems confidently.


  1. It helps the students to learn innovatively


A good kindergarten school has trained teachers who follow innovative teaching methods for the students’ welfare and development. Various strategies are used to teach them basic concepts.


Concrete examples and various takeaways are given as supplements for effective learning. Thus, classroom learning becomes engaging and fun.


  1. The children interact and learn


Today, the classrooms have evolved, and the children interact and learn. The pressure is not on learning but on honing their minds to grasp new concepts they will use in the future. For example, nowadays, schools do not follow the obsolete method of teaching subtraction and addition. Various innovative strategies are used like


  • Using the fingers,
  • Backward counting, 
  • Number line, 
  • Drawing dots, 
  • Crossing out, 
  • Subtraction using cubes,
  • Abacus,
  • Using a ten frame, 
  • Counting back is used to teach the concept.


  1. Mock tests and assessment worksheets help the children develop their interest in learning.


The mock interview sessions and assessment sheets are given to the children to groom them and judge their intelligence. It also pursues their passion for learning. 


  1. They work on the overall development of the kids


When the child attends kindergarten, his overall skills are improved, including cognitive ability, pre-reading, vocabulary, numeracy, general awareness, language, etc.

The schools help the children playfully learn the concepts, thus making learning fun.


  1. They learn playfully


Scribbling letters and writing them twice or thrice in the notebook has become cliché. A good kindergarten school uses various activity-based playful methods to imbibe the concepts of shape recognition, colors, objects, etc.


  1. The kids learn at their pace


During the initial years, the finger muscles of the children are soft and supple; hence these schools first teach them to create strokes and lines and then move further. 


  1. Increase their energy 


Oral recitation of rhymes, stories, and songs significantly improves their energy levels and sows the seed of confidence.


  1. They take regular counseling sessions to reduce fatigue among the children


Gone are the days when the teachers punished the child for sleeping in class. In a good kindergarten school, the counselors take note of the child’s activities and find the reason behind them.


  1. A good school perks up the emotional intelligence of the children


The schools have creative classrooms and engage in playful activities (like playing puzzles, using toys, an abacus, a mini-library, kitchen, and sandpit area) to make the students learn better.


These are compelling reasons parents should enroll their children in a good kindergarten. The next question is whether they are budget-friendly or do they pinch your pocket. Let’s have a look at the answer.


What is the kindergarten school fee?


Contrary to the popular perception that a good school comes with high school fees, it is false. The school fees are not heavy and do not take a toll on the parents’ pockets. It is largely subsidized. 

 The schools are ready to take school fees in installments so parents can access quality education without stress. 


 As we live in a world where children are born with attention deficit disorder, sending them to a good kindergarten school will improve their focus, and they will learn the concepts better in such an environment. These schools will help the kids to learn the global curriculum in an unorthodox way. 

These schools keep an eye on the children and strive to balance extracurricular activities with academics to improve their growth potential. If you are also searching for a good school that imbibes values and academics, count on the Global Indian school in Kuala Lumpur. For more details, you can have a look at their website.

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