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How to be a good guest: 5 tips for making people feel welcome

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Offer to help

When it comes to making yourself useful, there’s no better place to start than offering your help in the kitchen. If you’re staying at someone’s home, offer to cook or clean up a bit, it will give the host some much-needed time off and make them feel less like they have to babysit you (not that they would). They’ll probably be happy to show off their culinary skills while you’re at it.

If there are kids around, ask if there is anything that they need help with, reading books or playing games are great options. You can also try asking them questions like “What do you want for lunch?” or “What movie should we watch tonight?” This gives them agency over their own schedules while simultaneously making them feel connected to someone else who cares about what happens next in their lives.

Bring a gift

Gifts are not obligatory unless you’re invited to someone’s house for a special occasion and they tell you to bring one, in which case it should be something that fits their tastes and interests.

A bottle of wine is always appreciated, but if it’s not something the host drinks regularly or has an affinity for, they might feel uncomfortable drinking it out of obligation.

Food is always welcome (cookies are my favorite), especially if it’s homemade by the guest rather than store-bought or cheap. Something that can be shared with everyone at the party is ideal; this could include something like a cake or pie from your local bakery (if there isn’t one available locally).

It could also include things like chips and salsa or hummus platters, food items that aren’t likely to spoil over time so long as they’re refrigerated properly before being served at parties where there’ll be guests who won’t eat them all in one sitting but will appreciate having them around just in case.

Say thank you

Thanking your host is always a good idea. After you arrive home from the trip, send a card or email. Even if your host wasn’t there to open the door for you personally, he or she was still responsible for making sure that everything went well for your stay.

If it did, write up a nice review on TripAdvisor and Yelp so that other people can hear about their great hospitality too.

If possible, keep in touch with your hosts after returning home. They might want to visit you and go sightseeing in another part of the world someday.

Know your host

The first step in being a good guest is to know your host. Know their likes, dislikes, and any allergies. Ask about their favorite foods, drinks, and music. Get to know them as best you can so that you can make them feel comfortable in your presence.

You should also get the low-down on their personality type – are they an introvert or extroverts? What’s their favorite color? Do they like sports? Knowing these things, it will help you tremendously when planning out your visit with them.

A big part of being a good guest is making sure that everyone has enough food and drink at all times. You want everyone around you to feel included by offering up some of your own snacks or beverages from home if need be. This shows courtesy towards others’ wants/needs during social events such as parties or family gatherings where people from different backgrounds come together under one roof for enjoyment purposes only (or maybe even business).

Being a good guest makes being a good host easier.

You know how it goes. You’re hosting a party and you want to make sure that your guests are having a good time. If you’re anything like me, this desire often manifests in the form of putting on your best face and pretending not to notice when someone spills red wine on the carpet.

In other words, I’m usually so focused on making sure my own party is going well that I forget about everybody else and what they want or need during the event.

But being a good guest can actually make being a good host easier. By extending basic courtesy and consideration toward others at an event where you’re invited, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable yourself and everyone will benefit from feeling more relaxed.

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