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How to become a sales and marketing consultant

Marketing is the ability to use words, photos, movies, and branding to make a compelling story about products and services. Sales and marketing consultants (marketers) are marketing gurus who, after many years in the field, are able to sell their expertise on an hourly or project basis.

Marketing consultants are frequently hired on a contract basis by businesses and their owners to improve their marketing strategies. You can strive to become a consultant after several years of effective marketing. This position will need you to work on a variety of projects and will allow you to collaborate with organizations from various market sectors. For example, hotel sales and marketing definitely need a marketing consultant. This article will tell you how to become a marketing consultant.

Become an expert in marketing.

  •  Graduate with a degree in marketing or business. A business education will give you the opportunity to find a job in a competitive market. Consider pursuing further education in graphic design, copywriting, or journalism for an added edge when applying for a resume.
  •  Start building your portfolio while you study. By the time you graduate, you should already have press and online publications that show you are capable of promoting products and creating compelling marketing messages. If possible, include samples of your articles, graphic designs, product descriptions, and print and web marketing strategies.
  •  Specialize in an area that interests you more. Marketing is a fairly broad field, consisting of Internet and print marketing, television and radio marketing, graphic design, copywriting, sales, and so on. You should study all these areas, but knowledge in the most advanced areas of marketing will be especially useful.
  •  Apply for entry-level marketing positions. You may need to focus on your job search in major cities, because that’s where most marketing firms are located. Pay particular attention to jobs that offer training and career advancement.
  •  Develop your marketing career for 7 or more years. Many sites recommend not trying to start consulting until you have ten years of experience. Look for career opportunities and higher paying positions that offer more opportunities because you need to become an expert in marketing to be a successful consultant.

Start working as a marketing consultant.

  • Continue working in your day job, starting and growing your new business as a consultant. Working as a full-time consultant does not mean you will be successful all at once. Develop all your business plans, find consulting contracts where you can work part-time, and gradually begin to establish your own business.
  • Obtain all necessary licenses required in your country or area where you intend to consult. You may also want to consider obtaining specific qualifications from marketing organizations so that your clients can be sure that your business is legit.
  •  Invest enough and think through your marketing. If you are able to sell your company to customers through your own branding, they are more likely to trust you to market their brand. Create a trademark, slogan, logo, branding and advertising that matches the demographics of your target audience.
  •  Set a reasonable hourly rate. Look at how much other consultants in your field charge and then do an analysis of the cost of doing business plus your qualifications. This figure should be slightly higher than your earnings at your last job.
  •  Learn to manage people. If you have already held a leadership position in the past, this is a big plus. You must be able to effectively manage the staff of the company that hires you, as well as the staff of your company, if you have your own employees.
  •  Get ready for a busy lifestyle. If you’ve worked in the competitive marketing industry, you already know how to function under stress and deadlines. If you plan to work as a consultant not from time to time, but constantly, this pace will not change, and may even become more stressful with the weight of your own business on your shoulders.
  •  Constantly expand your business connections. You must be ready to meet business leaders in your city and region. You must continually sell your services in person and through your branding.


Be organized if you want to be a consultant. This means being able to organize your own schedule with multiple deadlines that must be met. If you are not very organized, you may not want to become a consultant.


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