How To Boost The Moisture In Indoor Plants?

Many indoor plants derive from humid jungle environments, so moisture in the air is very important to keep the plants healthy and growing. The general humidity for houseplants is 40-60% higher than the humidity levels found in our homes. This is specified during the winter season when the fireplaces and furnaces create dry air conditions. To provide an ideal living environment for plants in winter, it is important to increase the humidity of plants. What you can do is boost moisture packs regularly and there are other different options to keep your plants healthy and growing during the winter season.

How to detect the need for humidity for plants?

There are signs given by plants that they need more humidity. Some of the signs include when the leaves start developing brown edges, plants begin to fade and droop. If the leaves are turning yellow and greenery has become flaky on touching, these are indications of the need for humidity. Keep a check if your plants are showing any of the symptoms, there can be a lack of humidity in this case.

How do increase the humidity level for plants? 

Whether you are aware or not, some indoor plants need more moisture than others. If you notice the leaves turning yellow or brown, they start becoming crispy, which means that they are not getting enough humidity. Look at the ways to increase humidity for the moisture-loving plants indoors! 

  • Sprinkle Your Plants 

When the dry, hot summer days are there and with that, the increased potential for houseplants to suffer from lack of humidity. One way to combat this lack of humidity is to mist your plants regularly. Not only does it help them to grow, but misting your plants can also help them fight off pests and diseases. So don’t forget to give your plants a good misting every day! This will increase the humidity level for the plants but don’t mist the plants that have hairy leaves. The hair on these leaves holds water in place, so there will be more chances of diseases. 

Moisture Packs To Boost Indoor Plant's Moisture

  • Building A Greenhouse 

During the hot days of summer, it’s important to take measures to keep your home and office comfortable. In drier climates, raising the humidity levels can be a challenge. One way to increase humidity is by misting your plants or building a greenhouse. Not only will this make you and your plants more comfortable, but it also has other benefits, including helping your plants to grow better

They need water to photosynthesize, and misting them provides that water. You can use integra humidity packs for your plants and can help in establishing a humid microclimate for the plants. If you have small plants only, try to build a terrarium to lock the moisture in plants. The next option is a cloche which is a glass that goes on the top of the plant. This is an idea for both indoor and outdoor plants. Greenhouse offers a big growing space for the plants! 

  • Using A Pebble Tray

Using a pebble tray is a good technique to increase the humidity in plants. You need to fill a tray with pebbles that contain a small amount of water to cover the pebbles. Now set the plants on the top and the pebbles holding the plant above the water. When the water gets evaporated from the tray, it gives the plants the needed humidity. Ultimately, the moisture in the air gets increased and plants will also get it. You can also create several plants in a group, which is creating a pocket of humidity for plants. Putting a dish of water or small watering can help in increasing the moisture! 

  • Using Moisture Packs 

The benefits of using moisture packs to increase the humidity levels of plants have been widely studied. However, the use of these packs is not limited to commercial greenhouses. Home gardeners can also use this technology to increase humidity levels and improve the health of their plants. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using moisture packs to increase humidity levels and provide instructions on how you can get started. The increased concern of What Is Integra Boost used for is the humidity levels of air. We all know that plants need humidity to grow, so what can we do to increase the humidity levels of our plants? 


One way is to purchase a moisture pack and place it near your plants. Moisture packs are small, flat discs that contain a gel-like substance. They are used to help increase the humidity levels of products that they come into contact with. You can also keep the plants in close proximity to each other which will create a wholesome microclimate. This will generate moisture and maintain a damp environment.


Humiboost offers the best humidity control packs to cure and maintain your valuable harvest. Our solutions are 99% biodegradable, non-toxic, salt-free, and FDA compliant.

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