How To Brilliantly Structure PayPerClick Campaigns?

What Is PayPerClick?

We all know the importance of digital marketing in today’s competitive world. It includes various strategies to promote your business online. These strategies can bring out positive results if they are applied properly. PayPerClick is one of the most effective strategies for marketing. It is used to drive significant traffic to the websites. But there is one condition that says that you have to build your paid search campaign properly after deep analyses and research if you really want to witness the positive results out of it. There are many practices that are involved to appropriately set up a PPC campaign. One of the most commonly used platforms for running your PPC campaign is Google AdWords.

If you are not getting effective results from your online business, then it is recommended to use the Payperclick strategy. Qdexi Technology is an expert digital marketing company that can provide you the best PayPerClick Advertising Services for your business. However, in this article, we would further discuss some of the techniques that you can use while structuring your paid search campaigns.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. For example, if we bid on the keyword “PPC software,” our ad might show up in the very top spot on the Google results page.

There are six major components that should be considered while structuring the Google Ads account. These components are mentioned below:

  • Campaigns: The campaigns contain ad groups and these groups contain the keywords and are linked with the text ads that direct the user to the landing page.
  • Ad Groups: You have to create a relevant ad group for each campaign. Ad groups also contain keywords that trigger your text ads.
  • Keywords: It is an essential element that controls the way you want to execute your ad. You have to choose the most appropriate keywords for bidding.
  • Negative Keywords: These are generally overlooked by marketers but negative keyword plays a vital role in paid search campaigns.
  • Ad Text: This text appears when someone clicks your ad. It contains information about your advertisement.
  • Landing Pages: This is the last destination where the user lands after clicking on your advertisements.

Things To Consider While Structuring Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

  • Conduct Keyword Research: Keyword research is the first thing on which you must concentrate.  Keyword research is the process by which you research popular search terms people type into search engines like Google, and include them strategically in your content so that your content appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP). Keyword research is a fundamental practice in search engine optimization (SEO). You can use various tools to do keyword research. The keyword selection should have clear commercial intent. Using the right keywords to bid upon can be very beneficial for your PPC campaign.
  • Create Ad Group And Text Ad: The campaigns are made of more than one or more ad groups. An ad group contains one or more ads that share similar targets. Each of your campaigns is made up of one or more ad groups. Use ad groups to organize your ads by a common theme. For example, try separating ad groups into the different product or service types you offer.The ads are tied with the list of relevant keywords within the ad group.
  • Ad Extensions: It is another most effective way to make your advertisement more enticing. The extensions are used for gaining high CTR without any kind of added cost. Extensions expand your ad with additional information, giving people more reasons to choose your business. These may increase an ad’s clickthrough rate by several percentage points. Extension formats include call buttons, location information, links to specific parts of your website, additional text, and more. There are many extensions available that you can use like site links, call extensions and location extensions.

Final Words

The author of this article is Jenna Andrews. She has been currently working with Qdexi Technology as a digital marketer. She possesses special knowledge in the field of marketing. Plus, she shares her knowledge and experience in her writing. She has written many blogs and articles to help people understand marketing tactics. So if you need any kind of PayPerClick advertising service for your business then feel free to contact us.

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