How to Clean IQOS?

How to Clean IQOS?

Several kinds of IQOS devices are available in the market today. You can also use the IQOS devices as per the using features and preferences. Besides, it is also essential to know the cleaning process of the IQOS to get the best enjoyment of Heets. For the better and more productive performance of a vape device, it is necessary to clean your device regularly. There is a thing to the IQOS system or other vape system if you neglect the dirt of the device that is mainly found around the heating blade. If you find the taste different while vaping, it is an indication to clean dirt from the device, and the Heets are also heated a lot while using. The IQOS devices are available in different types with several features and tasteful flavors. In this guide, we are going to describe the cleaning process of IQOS devices and how to clean IQOS by following some of the suitable techniques.

How to Clean IQOS Devices Properly?

How to Clean IQOS Devices Properly,

Cleaning the IQOS devices is essential to ensure better performance while vaping. You can use the egg-shaped cleaner, which is available with every pack of IQOS Heets, for cleaning the devices comfortably. For cleaning, you have to remove the top cover from the holder of the cleaner, where you can clean the heater with the longer part, including the cover with the shorter part of the device. You can carry the egg-shaped cleaner to clean the device any time you want, which will be the best option for cleaning the IQOS device. However, you need to clean the blade of the device softly without using any pressure. It is also necessary to clean the cleaner once a month using warm water. But you need to make sure that the cleaner is completely dry while using this to clean the device. 

For cleaning IQOS devices, you can also use the ethanol stick cleaning method. However, you can use an ethanol stick to clean the vape device heating blade and everything around it. Most of the dirt of the IQOS device settle in the device blade, which is necessary to clean the device. The ethanol stick is also preferable to clean the top cover. After cleaning, these types of devices are supposed to be grey or white, where you need to check nothing is left dark around the blade, and everything looks normal inside the cleaning areas of the device. Ultimately, you can clean your IQOS devices by following some of these simple guidelines.

The Cleaning Process of IQOS 3

The Cleaning Process of IQOS 3,

The cleaning process of the IQOS 3 device is simple because of its accessible design. The IQOS 3 device features a little space between the top cover and the lower part of the device. However, the IQOS 2.4+ Protect Plus is the best cleaning tool for IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 due devices. Also, the older version of the protector plus comes with a rubber brush, which requires one or two turns inside the heater to remove most of the dirt perfectly from the device. You have to do the cleaning process politely. 

Cleaning Stage

While cleaning the device, you do not need to turn the cleaner many times, and one or two turns in one direction will suffice. It is also crucial to turn twice inside the heater cover from down, where the dirt also settles to the device. This thing usually prevents a comfortable click on the holder while using. You can also clean the dirt gently by scraping off baked-on dirt from the root of the heating blade using a toothpick. But this cleaning process has a direct side-effect, where it may overheat the cartridge during use. It is essential to do the cleaning process gently by using a toothpick, where you need to be careful and never push the foil from the side of the device, or it will break inside easily. 

Additionally, you can complete the overall cleaning process by using alcohol sticks. While cleaning with the sticks, you do not need to worry about the heating blade because that will get dirty again. It is essential to keep that in mind is that not to use any homemade techniques to do any of the crazy experiments while cleaning the IQOS devices. For example, using vinegar, technical gasoline, or other similar chemicals is subject to damage the surface of the blade, where it is coated with precious metal. All these following guidelines complete the regular cleaning process of the IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Due devices.

The Cleaning Process of IQOS 3 While not Charging or Flashing Red

It is also essential to clean the IQOS if the device does not charge properly or flash red. This thing can happen with most of the IQOS devices. The holder does not charge and flashes the charge away. This thing can happen with the lack of proper cleaning. It can also happen when the device holder does not fit into the charger and does not charge properly. If you want to overcome this problem, it is necessary to clean the magnetic connection at the bottom of the holder and inside the charger. You can use an alcohol stick carefully to clean the gold contact of the device holder. Additionally, it is preferable specifically inside the connector of the IQOS vape, where human sweat settles from the palm while using. 

If it appears with the same problem inside the charger. Then, you can also fix this by removing the side door cover. Also, you will find a square hole to access the contacts. After this, it is necessary to knock out the charger from the sunken tobacco. You also need to clean the base of the charger with a hole in the alcohol stick. By following all these techniques, you can comfortably clean the IQOS vape devices.

Final Say

All vape devices are not the same as per their features and programs. Cleaning vape devices are essential to ensure the best uses ever. There are several types of formats available to clean the IQOS vape devices. All of the techniques that we described above come with the best possible way to clean your IQOS devices. It is negotiable to clean the device if necessary to ensure better performance whenever you use it. We hope you find this guide well, including all the information regarding IQOS vape devices. Also, you get how to clean IQOS devices efficiently. No matter what types of devices you are using, it is always necessary to clean and maintain the device. It helps to get the best performance while using.

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