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How to Create a Web Design That Is Responsive

It is feasible to develop a website that is responsive to your requirements by utilizing both CSS and HTML. To do so, however, is analogous to travelling on tortuous country roads when there is a motorway that is easily accessible. In this situation, a content management system (CMS) or website builder would be the most effective means of transportation.

This capability extends to the ability to code for responsive design and is provided by software known as a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows you to build your website without needing to know how to code, and it provides this feature. Site builders are software applications that are akin to content management systems (CMSs); but, in exchange for being less complicated and more economical, site builders forego some of the functionality that CMSs offer.


Either a content management system (CMS) or a site builder that allows for responsive designs can be used to create a responsive web design company. Here are some common options to consider.

1. CMS Hub

The content management system known as CMS Hub is one that is totally host and thoroughly integrate. Because it is integrate with your other HubSpot tools, it enables you to provide your site users, customers, and employees with a unified browsing, marketing, sales, and customer service experience across the board.
When it comes to the process of constructing your website, CMS Hub offers pre-built website themes that are also optimize for mobile use. This makes the process much more convenient. This enables you to cater to your visitors and customers regardless of where or how they browse the internet, which gives you a competitive advantage.

2. The WordPress site

WordPress is the content management system (CMS) that is use the most around the world, and it maintains its position as the most extensively use CMS by giving users access to the Gutenberg editor. This editor is one of the most user-friendly website builders that are currently accessible.
WordPress gives its customers access to dozens of themes and templates, including a huge number of layouts that are design to be responsive to mobile and tablet devices. ( You could find further responsive Wordpress themes here and here as well.
Note: Once you have decided on a theme for your WordPress website, you can install the HubSpot plugin in order to engage and convert site visitors by giving them access to free forms, live chat, email marketing, and analytics. This can be done after you have chosen a theme for your WordPress website.

3. Squarespace

Users of the popular website builder Squarespace have access to aesthetically pleasing website templates and cutting-edge functionalities thanks to Squarespace.
You may quickly construct your site by using one of Squarespace’s sixty designs that are design for mobile devices. These templates are all available to you for free. During your time spent working in the Squarespace editor, you have the option to toggle between desktop view, tablet view, and mobile view. This gives you the ability to check that your designs will respond seamlessly across a number of different platforms.

4. Wix

Wix is another another website builder that, in addition to free website subscription options, also offers premium website membership alternatives. It provides a user-friendly editor with functionality like drag-and-drop, free hosting, and other security measures.
Each and every one of the Wix templates provides site visitors with an experience that is optimised for use on mobile devices. You are able to see how your website will look on a variety of various sorts of devices while using the editor provided by Wix. This feature is also offered by Squarespace.

Are you keen to expand your digital presence but unclear if you have the resources to handle everything internally? If so, you may want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency. If this is the case, you should probably think about contracting out some of your digital marketing. You might want to consider developing a relationship with a business in order to fulfil your requirements for services related to web design and digital marketing. When you work with an agency, you will have access to a full team of digital marketing professionals that are able to assist you in establishing a presence for your company that is more polished and professional looking. This is one of the benefits of working with an agency.

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