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How to do packing for a move

Learn how to choose the best materials to pack your inventory for the move and get expert advice on how each type of object should be packed.

Essential packaging materials

Let’s immediately look at the different types of packaging materials that can be used for a move. Let’s begin by giving some information about the prices. Then we will give some advice on where to find these materials and, most importantly, what furniture to use them. And about your old furniture, you should know Where to Sell Furniture When Moving.

Bubble wrap

The price for the standard dimensions is between 9 and 15 $.

Bags and Foam Sheets

You can find them in a variety of sizes starting at 25 x 30 cms. They are available in stock 50, 100, or 200 pieces for a price of between 0.10 and 0.15 $ per.

Polystyrene chips

These are available in various sizes and come in packs of 0.1 cubic meters at a price between $ 10 to $ 15.

Stretch Film

Rolls are usually between 0.5 to 1 meter wide and longer than 100 meters in length. Rolls are priced between $ 5 to $ 10.


Eco-friendly packaging options

These packaging materials are typically available in plastic and are not always biodegradable. It’s important to find eco-friendly alternatives for packaging materials.


Where can I find packaging material?

All materials listed above are accessible:

  1. Online, on e-commerce sites like Amazon.
  2. Any home improvement, improvement store.
  3. You can also find recycled paper and corrugated cards at the most diverse stationeries.
  4. Requesting materials for moving companies.


How to pack: Which categories of objects?

We have now identified what we need. Let’s get together and learn how to pack different types of objects based on the category.


Furniture, appliances, and bulky items

  • To optimize space, disassemble all that is possible.
  • Make sure to pack every corner to protect furniture and other items that are stored near it.
  • To keep doors and drawers from moving, you can use additional material along with the adhesive tape.
  • Wrap the sides and front of valuable furniture with paper or film to prevent scratches


  • Use the original packaging for all electronic products, including televisions. Warranty services may be canceled if you have damaged parts. To minimize movement and provide sufficient impact protection, ensure that any screens or displays are correctly positioned.
  • To protect against damage, it is a good idea to take photos of your goods before they are packed or boxed.

Clothes and linen

  • Clothing and linen are typically bulky, but not too heavy. You can store them clean and folded. They can also be pressed using resistant boxes.
  • It is best to keep the items in their original boxes for the medium-to-long term. In this case, you can add anti-moths just.

Glasses, plates, and other fragile items

  • Wrap delicate items like plates, glasses, and tableware with bubble wrap or wrapping paper. After you have selected the box, wrap the items in bubble wrap or corrugated cards to make a shock-absorbing foundation.
  • It is best to place dishes horizontally (as on dish drainers), and glasses horizontally, especially when the boxes with walls are hard to find.
  • Fill in all the spaces and make another cover for the top, which will be identical to the one you used for the base.


Expert advice

Here are six practical tips to make packing for a move easy.
  1. Properly Sized Packaging: Do not use too much packaging or bare parts for small items.
  2. Fill in all the boxes. We recommend No Blanks!
  3. Take photographs of your items before packing to protect you in the event of damage during transit.
  4. Create an inventory using labels. It will be much easier to locate the items you need right away after the move.
  5. Get help from movers to move bulky furniture and appliances: With special equipment and packaging materials, they can save you the hardest part of packing.

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