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How to Effectively Cut Costs While Relocating

Moving homes is both tiring and costly. But planning makes everything perfect and you may cut many unnecessary expenses. For planning, you need to go through many things and see how things will work during the whole process. Whether you are moving for some distance or you are moving across states, you will have to spend but some tips can help you with cutting costs and saving money while relocating to your new home. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind before you start your moving process.

Pack yourself

When we are moving to a new place and want to cut off costs, the first thing that strikes our mind is who needs a packer when we can do it ourselves! Right? So, get yourself prepared to arrange the packing supplies start packing your stuff by yourself as soon as you can and arrange the items slowly and smoothly. You need not mess things up. Start by packing the essential items, your clothes, kitchenware, home and washroom essentials, etc. Label your boxes simultaneously to avoid messing things up in different boxes.

Don’t buy packing supplies

It will be not any sense to buy packing material. Try to arrange things from everywhere. There might be many boxes or containers that will be in your home already that you may use to pack your stuff. If you need extra boxes then you can easily get them from groceries, electronics, or any other shops as they have plenty of boxes that are of no use to them.

Pack strategically

Try to pack things in a strategic way to reduce the area of packaging and for the safety of your stuff. You can even pack more stuff in a similar number of boxes or containers. Here are some tips that may help you to pack strategically:

  • Pack stackable plates vertically as they may break when packed horizontally.
  • Wrap the toiletries with unsecured lids.
  • Small tools can be put in Ziploc bags.
  • Fold clothes well rather than just putting them into bags.
  • Make different packets/containers/boxes for different types of stuff.

Get reliable movers at a low cost

Get quotations from 3-4 different companies that you like and compare their services and costs to get better offers. They can always give you special discounts and offers according to your availability. You must go through all the payment details and must cut some value-added services for moving that you don’t require.

Be flexible with date and time

Being flexible with time and date may cost you much less as there are seasons and times of the month such as mid of the month when the moving companies charge less as they have fewer customers. People choose to move during start or end of the month so, try to compromise to get good offers at that time. you can also choose the time of the day when it is less costly.

Avoid moving heavy and unnecessary items

You will be charged according to your luggage so it is advisable to choose your luggage wisely. The more items you carry, the more you will be charged especially in long-distance shifting. Cut out unnecessary and heavy items if not required. You do not want to carry those things which you do not want at your new home so keep the things of importance and essentiality only.

Sort some belongings out and sell

Sorting things out is really necessary and you must separate the things out that you do not need. Have a sale party or sell those items online or somewhere in the neighborhood. These are the items that you are not going to use in the future and they will only be a burden over you wherever you go. Cutting these items out will help you in cutting down your moving cost also. Even if you are not able to sell them and you do not need them so just donate those items as they will be useful for someone else.

Move some small items yourself

There must be some boxes that are lightweight and small which you can carry. So, take those boxes with you in your car to ensure that more items can be transported in the same truck and you would not require another one, or you might help yourself in getting the smaller truck which will cost you less.

Keep valuables and essentials to yourself

You will need to prepare a separate bag of your essentials and valuables to be on a safer side as you must not trust anyone with your belongings. Take the basic things like toiletries, some clothes, cleaning material, etc., and the valuables such as documents, gadgets, jewelry, ornaments, etc. Keep those items with yourself to ensure that they are not replaced anywhere during the relocation.

Disconnect utilities at your old home

Whenever we are shifting to a new place, we mostly forget about some things like basic utilities at our home that need a disconnection otherwise those will haunt you later when you see their bills. Check about your different connections such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, cable, newspaper, milk vendor, etc. if you have cleared all the bills with them or tell them a specific date when they can cut your supplies off.

Negotiate with movers for better deals

Whenever you are choosing a packers and movers company for moving your stuff, you always have a great chance to negotiate with them.

  • All the companies know that they are competing for your relocation. Take advantage of that.
  • You can always have quotations from different companies. Show those quotations to the companies and tell them that you have been offered a much cheaper price than them and ask if they can match with them.
  • No company wants to lose their clients and they will do whatever possible to keep the hold of their customers.
  • Be persistent with your prices. If they are not agreeing then you must wait for some days and see if they are available to offer you the minimum price.
  • Both company and you must be benefitting from each other so be open to compromises if required. Get better deals at some other cheaper options wherever possible.

You can always book them early and ask them for early booking discounts.

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