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How to get a bank card without going to the bank

One of the biggest concerns in human life today is time, and of course, careful planning to achieve everything that needs to be done during a day, a day that is only 24 hours.

How to get a bank card without going to the bank

Machine life, busy people, and crowded cities have led to dramatic changes in living conditions under the influence of different schedules today. Humans in developed and developing countries are looking for a way to do their daily and obligatory tasks quickly.

In this regard, any proposal to do these things online and in-person is a priority. Of course, it should not be forgotten that during 2020, the coronavirus pandemic also increased the importance of this issue.

According to experts, with the end of the pandemic, human life will probably never return to normal, and humans will become accustomed to doing most of their daily work remotely, preferring non-face-to-face methods to advance their work.

Prevalence of electronic banking and Internet financial services.

If one day we heard that we could pay our electricity, water, and telephone bills from home with a computer or even a cell phone, it would be almost impossible for us to believe, especially when we stood in line for hours doing simple banking.

The introduction of electronic banking services in Iran began about two decades ago and, unlike many modern technologies in the world, grew and developed with considerable speed; In a very short time, the use of bank cards, ATMs, and card readers became commonplace.

get a bank card without going to the bank

This progress continued with the use of the Internet, mobile banking, and telephone banking so that people gradually became accustomed to doing more banking and money remotely. In such cases, you no longer need to go to an ATM to transfer money, pay a bill or receive a turnover receipt.

Banking that can not be done in absentia.

In the past years, we have become accustomed to going to the branches only to receive a bank card, open an account, and such things. You may have often postponed tasks such as getting a bank card due to lack of time, despite the urgent need for it.

In such cases, you have probably thought about what would be good if you could also get a bank card online and in person. Another issue that drives this reluctance to attend public places such as banks these days is the problem of the coronavirus and its consequences.

The rules governing social space, which stems from the requirements of coronary quarantine, have led all the people of the world to try to be less present in society and public places, especially in busy and indoor spaces.

For this reason, not going to the bank for any banking activity is a priority, because the bank is one of the busiest and busiest centers. We all think that even one less visit can help the health of bank employees.

When changing the bank card should be done as soon as possible.

But sometimes some referrals are inevitable; For example:

Our wallet with our bank card in it is stolen or lost. Now, this bank card is the card we desperately needed and it belonged to our original account!

Our card has expired and its use needs to be renewed. In such cases, you have no choice but to go to the bank branch and request to receive the card again. Worse, in some banks, the card issuance request is only possible in the branch where we have opened the card account.

How to get a bank card

This branch may have been close to our place of work or residence in the past. But today going there is considered as a city trip for us. This is a big problem in the traffic conditions in the cities. Which have intensified these days in order to observe the social distance.

Remote replacement of bank card.

Saman Bank, with an accurate and timely understanding of the conditions prevailing in the community. Has enabled the possibility of exchanging a bank card in absentia for its customers.

It is also possible to renew a bank card; In this way, you can benefit from all the mentioned services without having to leave home. The best and most useful services that currently the country’s banking services. The app is your phone Saman is available to customers of the bank.

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