How to get medical financing with no credit check

Many patients worry about their inability to acquire various types of loans, credit cards, or other payment options due to their less-than-stellar credit statuses. Whether they lack extensive credit histories, perfect records of debt repayment, or otherwise have poor credit scores, patients may find it difficult to access the financial help they need to pay for medical procedures. If patients cannot pay for care, they must decide to overlook their medical issues or personal insecurities and delay getting help for as long as possible while gathering funds. The Burden of Medical Costs Medical bills can cost hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars. Borrowing from friends and family can create a sticky situation wherein a patient or their loved ones can become strained mentally, financially, emotionally, and relationally. Therefore, as tempting as it may be to ask for an interest-free loan from close relatives, it is ultimately better to find a different financing option. That way, patients can maintain healthy and happy relationships while assuring that everybody benefits. Because different health insurance agencies and health insurance plans vary in price and coverage. It can be complicated for patients to find the perfect plan for themselves. A majority of Americans now have health insurance with high-cost deductibles. Many medical insurance agencies leave patients with out-of-pocket costs related to copays, elective procedures,  prescribed medications, or even management of chronic health conditions. As a result, patients are left to their own devices when figuring out how to get short- or long-term care for curative or preventative purposes. Pay-over-time financing options are likely the best way to pay. Then patients do not have enough savings in a personal bank account, healthcare savings account, or flexible spending account to cover their medical expenses. One perk associated with pay-over-time plans is that payments are due on a monthly basis. So borrowers are well aware of when their payments will be due ahead of time. All in all, it is easier for patients to budget their expenses over months or years rather than having to pay outrageous medical bills upfront. Popular Ways to Finance Medical Fees Personal Loans and Credit Cards Personal loans and credit cards are some of the most popular financing options used by patients. They are looking to repay their debts over time. Medical patients can easily charge their previously-obtained credit cards to immediately cover part or all of the costs of medical goods and services. But waiting for personal loan approvals can take days or weeks. Further, no matter which of these financing options is utilized to pay for medical expenses. Patients can expect to pay high-interest rates in addition to the initial amount of money they borrowed. For reference, interest costs alone can equate to over 30% of the money patients will owe to financing companies. If patients do not yet have access to the previously mentioned forms of financing, they should beware that prospective lenders will run hard credit checks. Because of this, patients should only apply for loans or credit cards that they absolutely need and feel confident that they will be able to acquire. However, patients’ credit also increases as they make timely monthly payments. In essence, patients benefit twofold because they get the money they need for their medical bills and build their credit by following the financing contracts to which they’ve agreed. Traditional In-House Financing Another financing option patients might seek out is in-house financing. It is seldom offers in medical practices. Medical practices that offer in-house financing must act as financing companies. Medical staff acting as a billing department or collections agency. Then doing what they went to school for and are passionate about. Yet, traditional in-house financing is very beneficial for patients and should be taken advantage of when possible. Generally, medical practices that provide in-house financing do not require hard credit checks. But some may still use soft checks on patients seeking payment plans to find peace of mind. Patients may be able to get 0% interest on traditional in-house payment arrangements depending on the medical practice’s personal preferences and level of risk aversion. Many times, practices offer patients approval almost instantaneously. This is incredible for patients in need of immediate medical interventions. But, if medical practices do not report to credit agencies. Patients’ credit scores do not increase as a result of paying on time. Credit reporting is a benefit that patients with poor credit will undoubtedly need for future financing. Also, in-house financing agreements could tarnish relationships between patients and healthcare practices. If one party feels that they are wrong the other. Denefits’ Payment Plans Few companies offer applicants the ability to request financing without providing their credit information. Even fewer companies offer flexible terms and APRs to finance applicants with poor credit. This is exactly what makes Denefits special. Because the company does not investigate applicants’ credit scores or histories, everyone gets the same payment plan offers. Medical practices can easily partner with Denefits to offer hybrid in-house financing, helping their providers and patients in turn. If medical practices decide to offer hybrid in-house payment plans, they are not responsible for handling any monetary exchanges. Instead, Denefits handles the medical billing. That’s why providers can focus on aiding patients in need rather than expending their time and energy trying to get paid. Lastly, Denefits makes payment plans easy. Patients need only five or 10 minutes to complete payment plan application forms. They are instantly approved without any credit checks! If you are a patient who needs help financing medical bills. But fear that your credit will hold you back, contact Denefits today! Visit to learn more about how guaranteed medical financing can help you quickly get the care you need.


Denefits is a leading complete payment solutions platform used by customers and businesses alike across many industries.

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