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How to get Wood Borer Control

Wood borers, also known as tree borers, feed on and create habitats from trees and other woody plants. They belong to several insect groups, including beetles, wasps, and moths, and are frequently the larvae of these species.

Primary and secondary invaders are the two types of wood-boring insects.

The majority of tree borers are secondary invaders, meaning they attack weak, dying, or dead trees.

Primary invaders attack healthy plants, causing them to weaken or die. You can protect your trees from both types of pests from Wood Borer Control Melbourne if you take a proactive approach to dealing with wood-boring insect infestation.

Tree Damage Caused by Borers

Borer-related tree damage has several distinct symptoms, and it can be fatal for already-weakened trees. Because the boring takes place inside the tree, many infestations go undetected until external signs of damage appear. If you notice any signs of a tree borer infestation, act quickly to prevent or borer control Melbourne further damage.

Keep an eye out for the following signs to assess potential damage:

Tunnel holes: Borer tunneling holes are one of the telltale signs of a tree borer infestation. These tunnels can be round, semicircular, or oval in shape, depending on the borer species. Borer holes typically appear in a random pattern on the bark, as opposed to the neat rows made by a woodpecker.

Borer holes can be distinguished from woodpecker holes by the presence of Fras, the excrement produced by borers as they feed on wood. Fras resembles sawdust and can be found both inside and outside of the holes.

Wood borers bore into the cambium, the interior of tree bark that transports water and nutrients. The areas of the tree above the damage receive fewer nutrients as pests erode the cambium. Because of a lack of nutrition, the bark may crack or the connected tree limbs may die and fall off.

During a borer infestation, a stone fruit tree will experience gummosis, or sap oozing from wounds. Borers that burrow into sap-producing areas of the wood cause sap to flow out of the tunnel. Fras may also be found in the oozing sap.

Treatment and Management of Tree Borers

If your tree has a wood borer infestation, you can borer control Melbourne using one of two methods:

Chemical: Depending on the type of borer infesting your tree, you can kill active borers and borer control Melbourne future infestations with contact insecticide and soil treatment. Every state has its own pesticide regulations, so make sure you can use a pesticide legally before applying it to your trees.

Aside from using pesticides, mechanical management strategies include removing the larvae from the tree with a tool or removing infested wood. If the infestation is severe, you may need to remove the entire tree to eliminate the risk of a fall.

How to Prevent Tree Borer Infestations

The best way to deal with a wood borer infestation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Consider the following methods for keeping tree borer control Melbourne:

Tree care: Because borers prefer weakened or stressed trees, proper watering and fertilization techniques can reduce the risk of infestation. Remember to pay special attention to newly transplanted trees that are more susceptible to stress.

Choosing the right tree species: When planting new trees, choose species that are not frequently attacked by wood borers in your area. Look for less vulnerable trees in your area and priorities them over more vulnerable varieties.

Preventing and treating tree injury: External damage from equipment such as lawnmowers can leave a tree vulnerable to borer infestation. If you inadvertently damage a tree, treat the wound as soon as possible with pruning or wound paint.

Diamond Mowers’ Wood Borer Control Solutions

When removing the infected tree is the only way to get rid of tree borers, we recommend using the service of same day pest control service Melbourne.

We have a variety of attachments for clearing trees and brush, mulching, and grinding stumps so that borers don’t have anything to eat.

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