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How to Import Archive OLM File into Outlook Mac?

Overview- This article will guide you to import archive OLM file into Outlook PST. To know how to do this process, read the complete post to the end.

MS Outlook is the most popular mail client application used worldwide. The increase in users forced Microsoft to launch the Outlook app for both Mac and Windows platforms. Both editions of Outlook have a similar working procedure. But, both of them utilize different file formats to store their mailbox database.

Whereas Windows Outlook stores its mailbox data in PST file format, on the other side, Mac Outlook saves the mailbox data items in OLM file format.

However, there is a problem as Windows Outlook does not support OLM format and the same goes for Mac Outlook. So, if you want to import OLM data to Windows Outlook, you need to convert the OLM email into a file format that is supported by Outlook for Windows.

Why do Users Choose Windows Outlook over Mac Outlook?

  • A mac machine needs a large financial investment to set up & maintain.
  • The master category list on Exchange can’t be synchronized with Mac Outlook.
  • To share an OLM file data, the user must first convert the data which might be a long procedure.

Why do Users want to Import Outlook OLM to Outlook PST?

Users are commonly urged to import data stored in OLM files into Outlook for Mac to PST file format which is the format used in Windows Outlook. Users May also want to export OLM emails to Windows Outlook if they need to make a Windows backup copy of their Mac Outlook mailbox, are disabling their Mac Outlook account and moving to a different mail client app, or just want to archive their database.

Because Microsoft doesn’t give a direct option to change OLM to Outlook for Windows, the most reliable method to import the data is to export OLM to PST. On the other side, commercial OLM to PST Conversion programs is typically either too costly or too risky. CubexSoft OLM to PST Converter for Windows & Mac OS is the most wonderful tool for your import process.

That’s why we have found a perfect solution for importing Outlook OLM to Outlook PST. It will quickly convert your entire mailbox data into Windows Outlook with ease.

How to Import Archive OLM File into Outlook Mac? – Simple & Quick Working Guide

Follow the given steps and perform this conversion task without affecting the original structure and formatting of the mailbox items-

  1. Download and install OLM Converter on any Windows OS machine.
  2. Now, hit on the Select Files or Select Folders tab and browse the data from your computer system.
  3. When you press on the Next tab, all of the OLM Files or Folders on the left pane will be loaded by the tool.
  4. From the Select Saving Options list, select PST as the type of file format you want to import.
  5. To start the final conversion, pick the Destination Path to where you want to save output data and then, press on the Next

Finally, here complete the OLM to PST conversion process and now you can easily read and open OLM files into Windows Outlook without any problem.

However, one can also use the free manual method to do this task. Let’s check how the manual solution performs the process.

Free Manual Method to Import Archive OLM File into Outlook PST

The IMAP Server is used as a server between Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows in this method. It operated in the same way as utilizing storage devices between two machines does. The ability to accept distant files is the main reason for using the IMAP Server account. Follow these steps and export OLM data to Windows Outlook in a freeway manner-

  1. In the Mac Outlook machine, make a new Gmail account.
  2. Sync your OLM mailbox data with Gmail from Outlook for Mac.
  3. In the Windows Outlook program, set up the same Gmail account.
  4. Convert your OLM mailbox data from Gmail to Outlook for Windows.


In this post, we discuss two different methods to import archive OLM into Outlook Mac. First, we discuss the professional method to do this conversion task. Moreover, we also mention a free manual method to import OLM to PST. Although to perform the manual process you need technical knowledge regarding the configuration part. You can consider any one of the methods that suit your needs.

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