How to improve in-store experience and increase sales with digital signage

Digital Signage Increase Sales? | SOLUMESL

It is no secret. Digital signage offers a multitude of benefits – from upselling to advertising, to increasing the bottom line of retail stores. However, the most valuable aspect of digital signage for retail is its ability to Increase revenue. Today, all across the world, retailers are investing in digital signage for retail and see the advantage and benefits that a digital platform delivers to their bottom line.

1. Improve the way you advertise

Advertising serves as a factor for driving revenue businesses. It is vital to that your promotions and offers are at the front of your shoppers’ mind. Having retail digital signages in your store will enable you to efficiently put your campaigns in front of the people as they shop. Using digital signages, you will be able to update weekly specials and other notifications quickly. You can also maximize the use of your digital signage by offering your suppliers advertising spots on your digital signages to improve their sell-through rate

2. Customers Prefer to Interact With Digital Signage

Compared to traditional signs, you can display more to communicate a clearer and more comprehensive message with digital signages. For many customers, having sufficient access to important product information can make or break their purchasing decisions. This is why many customers tend to gravitate to stores that have digital signage. The increased foot traffic to your store and the abundance of important product information has the same effect on your sales figures, they grow too.

3. Digital Signage Improves Overall In-Store Shopping Experience

In modern times, a store that looks futuristic and sleek can be extremely attractive to customers. Many consumers like being inside a retail store that looks good because it enhances their shopping experience. Digital signage is interactive and informative, providing shoppers with crucial data at the shelf’s edge. Moreover, staff workload is significantly lower with digital signages so employees can focus on customer service instead. A store with boring signage and unattentive staff is a turn-off to customers as the assumption is that shopping there will be dull and difficult. However, digitizing your signage can turn all that around.

4. Brand stability

Today’s consumers want to engage with brands they like. Since they also want to get personal, give them reasons that will reinforce this bond. You can do this by keeping in touch with them, meeting their needs and engaging with them in every possibility. Make use of your digital signage to continue your business story and marketing campaigns across different platforms.

Remember that visual communication is the most natural and most effective way to engage with your customers. Since they connect more to your culture than on your products, make sure that you can meet this need. Use retail digital to showcase the human side of your business and get personal in your approach. Being honest and genuine is a way to keep your relationship with your customers. Doing this will surely boost your business sales.

If you have already established your brand, you can use digital signage to reinforce your brand and marketing campaigns.

5. Digital signage keeps your menu up-to-date

Forget about printing a new menu every time something is sold out. It’s a thing of the past (thankfully).

With the right digital signage software, you can easily switch up your menu and keep your valued customers in the loop – all in just a few clicks.

Happy hour special? No worries.

Time for the lunch menu? Done.

With automated menu updates, you’ll have customers knowing exactly what they went by the time they’re ready to order. You’ll have shorter queue times, more orders coming in, and of course – satisfied, returning customers.

6. Connect with customers via social media

People are increasingly finding out about new places to eat via social media. They want to see what the food looks like, what the reviews are and if their favourite celebrity endorses it.

You’ve all seen it, right? People spend more time taking shots of their food instead of eating it.

Why not display those photos on your signage, get it shared on Instagram in exchange for a freebie, or showcase your stellar Zomato ratings for everybody to see? With this direct connection, customers will feel a part of the team, and will do their best to support your amazing restaurant.

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