How to know which matrimony is trusted or fraud?

Some guidelines to help you identify phony accounts or imposters if you are using such websites to find a life companion.

Fraudsters look for several opportunities to defraud and make money online. Conventional matchmakers and marriage brokers have almost entirely been supplanted by online matrimonial services or matrimony websites. It is not unusual to find anyone, even parents, using these platforms to find a bride/groom. Given the many benefits that matrimonial services have—a huge pool of candidates to select from, profiles from various geographical places, clarity about what a candidate wants, etc. Lots of people are being scammed by people they meet through online dating websites.  Here are some guidelines to help you identify phony accounts or imposters if you are using such websites to find a life companion.

Check a profile picture: A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this situation, the person’s profile photo can reveal many red flags. The most glaring indication is when someone has no profile picture. Avoid such accounts as much as possible. The next step is to see if the age of the individual fits the image provided; if not, you can always inquire as to why. Always think things through, seek clarification, and never be afraid to voice your concerns.

Look for contradictory facts and specifics: A person has to enter certain basic information about him while creating a profile on a matrimonial website. So, pay attention to those facts, and if you notice any discrepancies, proceed with greater caution.

Editing frequently: A study on matrimonial websites found that those who create false identities frequently edit their profiles. If you observe that the individual constantly updates information about his caste, interests, and employment, there is a potential. That he may be attempting to hide false information that he previously posted. And a real person hardly ever behaves that way. You might make one or two errors, but it seems impossible for someone to get their employment, caste, religion, etc., incorrect. Consequently, pay attention to such nuances and frequent editing.

If the person demands money: Many cases of people being conned by someone they met online or through a matrimonial service have been documented in the past. You should run for your life if someone you met through a matrimonial website approaches you for money. It will be best for you if you cut off contact with that person as soon as possible, because such frauds are rather prevalent.

When someone exerts excessive pressure on you: People rush to leave matrimonial websites. When ulterior goals satisfy. Where they were previously active. Therefore, it makes sense for such a person to exert pressure on the other to comply with his wishes or to meet him. When it is convenient for him. It is best to keep your distance from someone you met online if they are extremely controlling. Don’t offer you enough time or space, and ask you to meet without sharing many personal details.

Look for verified profile matches at all times: Verification professionals have extensively investigated the backgrounds of certified accounts on several matrimonial websites. A person who has a confirmed symbol is the ideal person to move a conversation along with. A lifetime decision, marriage. Be strong and take a step back if you feel that the other person is pressuring you to move things along rapidly.

Never give anyone money: Under no circumstances provide money to a prospective bride or groom. You should be wary and try to avoid any additional calls from anyone who requests money from you. While giving you a variety of excuses.

Never divulge your account details: Keep your password and login secure. Change your password frequently for your security. Make sure to always enter the correct URL in your browser window when accessing a matrimonial website. Avoid clicking on dubious short` links delivered by WhatsApp or SMS.

Stay safe when meeting in person: It is advised that you meet prospects in open, well-lit areas. Always let your family know when you meet with potential clients.

Background check: Before you decide, conduct a thorough background check on the potential mate. Criminal background checks, financial status checks (using CIBIL), psychometric checks, and other checks all should include in background checks. You can get in touch with organizations that conduct thorough background checks on corporate employees.

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