How to locate a good restaurant when visiting Whangarei?

Chances are that you have often been on a trip with no good restaurant in sight. And as a result, you had to make do with whatever was available at the moment, and even descend to the lowly depths of snacking on potato chips until you could get back home.

That may sound familiar to so many for the simple reason that most of us often have to head out on long trips, and when we do, we are often caught with our pants down literally, due to lousy planning. And that’s why you need to check out the rest of the post, as it clues you in on how to locate good restaurants when traveling. 


When it comes to finding out about the lay of the land and some of the best restaurants in Whangarei, it makes sense to book a culinary tour. For starters, a culinary tour is more of a gastronomical exercise and one that you need to take, well before you start on your long road trip.

More to the point, this tour can point out some of the best restaurants located within proximity and should enable you to check them out in person.

And of course, there’s the bonus, that you can check out these restaurants in person and get your queries answered right away, from whether they serve wine with the luncheon or if the restaurant in question has any special regulations in place, to prevent overcrowding during these challenging times.

That’s a valid point and one that you need to pay attention to; check out and see if the restaurants have dedicated safety guidelines in place and have stringent measures in place, to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Check out the local food bloggers

If you are not able to get precise information about the restaurant/ restaurants in question, then here is what you can do. You can check out some of the local food bloggers as that should clue you in as to whether the restaurant is good enough to get featured in a food blog. And if you do find the restaurant listed in some of the top food blogs, with a detailed review, then chances are that it is quite good, and worth your time.

Check out some of the recommendations

If you had been asking around, for others to help you prep a list of the top restaurants for your road trip, then chances are that you would find the hotel concierge better informed than, say, your cousin.

But the drawback to depending on the concierge for information regarding the top restaurants happens to be the fact that the concierge’s information is often not objective and you are bound to find it biased as well. You would do better off questioning a local cab driver, for detailed information regarding the top restaurants in Whangarei. 

Check out the local restaurants

Granted that the temptation to head to a McDonald’s or a Domino’s would be there. But rather than head to a chain slog factory, you would do so much better to check out the local restaurants, that are individual-owned restaurants for the simple reason that it allows you to check out some of the locally prepared cuisines.

These are some of the best tips that you need to check out before heading out on a long road trip. Just keep in mind that everything you read in a paper may not necessarily be true which is why you would do so much better off booking a local culinary tour as it should provide you with an entirely new perspective on Whangarei and its food.


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