How to make your app idea into reality


Have you been toying with the idea of having your own mobile app? As exciting as it sounds, the whole process from apps ideation to execution to regular updating and maintenance can be quite a roller-coaster. Nevertheless, the whole journey can be extremely rewarding, if you do everything the right way. 

You don’t need to become a coder to create your own apps. But you will need to do extensive research and know what you want to create an apps that could go viral.

Groundwork to do for your app idea

Before you can think about creating your apps, you have to do intensive research on your apps idea to make sure it can work in the long run. 

#1-Research your app idea

Researching for your apps idea isn’t as simple as researching which TV to buy. You have to understand what products are there in the market and how your apps will fulfill an unmet demand. You will need to answer questions like-

  • What challenges will my apps solve?
  • Who will use my apps? Where is my app’s target audience located?
  • Are there any similar apps in the market? How successful are they? ( Do a SWOT analysis of all these apps)
  • How can I be different from my competition?
  • Do the current players in the market have a marketing plan? How successful are they? How are these apps making money?

#2-Create a business model

Based on your research, you can then proceed to make a business concept. This is a document that will show how your apps will make money. Here, you’ve got to estimate sales and other numbers while also determining how your apps would be the best fit for your target audience.

#3-Find venture capitalists/ Co-partners

Creating an apps would require a significant amount of resources. If you have an idea that has the potential to generate a lot of revenue but if you lack the resources and expertise needed to make your apps dreams a reality, a venture capitalist or co-partner would be a great option. Though you’d need to share profits, these co-partners or venture capitalists could help you reach your goal faster.

#4-Develop the app

Here comes the main part. If you have the resources, you could hire all the professionals needed for your mobile apps. This includes mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, content marketers, SEO/ASO executives, graphic designers, video editors, and others. Depending on the volume of work, you could create an in-house team or hire freelancers for all the above professions.

Alternatively, you could use a No Code App Builder if the apps is of a certain niche. By making the app yourself with minimal help from professionals, you could be saving a lot of money which you could channel towards marketing the apps.

#5-Market the app

At the development stage, you could simultaneously start preparing to market it. This means investing in SEO, ASO, and offline marketing. Create some suspense and launch apps teasers before launching the app. Test the apps amongst friends, family, and others. Give your apps its finishing touches as per the requirement. Finally, submit your completed apps to the Play Store and App Store.

Once that is done, your app is live! You can then decide how much more to invest in marketing, SEO, and app development based on the feedback from the app users.


For your apps to become a success, you will need to create something that others have not done before. Your research and app development should be geared towards creating an app that exceeds customer expectations.

Sometimes, it also makes sense to test the waters when you can Get Free Mobile apps. You could test your app and create a paid one that fulfills customer expectations. Whatever you do, ensure you have done your homework well and that you’re open to experimentation.

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