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How to Publish an App to the App Store?

App submission is often an afterthought! However, ensuring a smooth submission of your app on the Apple Store still marks the critical procedure – especially when an individual is going through it for the first time! 

This is one of the reasons why we are putting up this guide here! Here, you’ll come across everything that you need to know about publishing your app to the App store! 

  1. Sign up on App Store Connect 

App store connect is the portal that helps you manage everything on the App Store, and in order to deploy your application to the app store, you would need to sign up on it! 

Remember, if your application is a paid one, which means that users would have to purchase the application to install it, then you would require to sign a contract that covers payment terms and other Apple formalities. 

However, for apps that is available for free, you don’t need any contract for them! 

  • Get prepared for app submission 

App submission happens to be a critical task, as one tiny mistake, and you won’t be able to deploy you app to the app store. To ensure a smooth app submission, you need to be super sure about the following: 

  • App Store Guidelines  

Before uploading your app to the App Store, you would need to undergo an app certification process. Only the applications that fit best with the App store guidelines would be allowed to go live, hence developers need to pay extra attention here!  

  • Test your app against any bugs or further fixation

It’s obvious that you won’t like an app that comes with bugs and fails to satisfy your needs – hence you need to make sure that your app should have a seamless performance, and should be free against any kinds of bugs. 

Just know that if your application crashes when a reviewer test it, it won’t get a green light to get live on the app store! 

  • Create your App Store listing 

Creating your App store listing is another daunting task. However, if you only get the following things in order, you’ll surely surpass this stage with ease! 

  • Provide Information about your app 

Here you would need to answer some basic information about your app. The primary information you would need to provide would be the name of your app, the platform your app supports, its the primary language, bundle iD, Stock keeping unit, and User Access. 

  • App’s privacy policy 

Here you would need to provide a link to your app’s privacy policy. Don’t know what privacy policy is? Don’t worry, we are here to help! 

A privacy policy your app portrays to users what your app is about, what personal information you would be provided here, and what access the app would have to provide you with a smooth experience. 

This helps users to determine whether they should sign up for your app or not – So this is the part that you can’t skip! 

  • Purchasing and Release  

If you’re deploying a paid app on the Apple Store then you would need to decide the price of the app at this stage. Moreover, here you would clarify any in-app purchase option your app comes with! 

  • Provide users with an insight into your app! 

Insights of apps are provided to let Apple know about the features of your app, and details about the functioning of each and every feature. 

If you go with any custom iPhone app development company, you would witness that before creating the applications, an app mock-up is created using different software. 

A mock-up happens to be the best way to describe an app, thus in order to make your app qualify for the App store, a profound mock might be the thing you need! 

  • Submit your app to the App Store! 

Took care of everything we mentioned above? Good for you! Now we’re at the final stage, which you have been waiting for since the beginning! 

To submit your app, you need to sign up to Xcode and fill out all the necessary things that the signup process requires. 

In case you are submitting a brand new app on the app store, then your need to make sure that your app’s version is set to 1.0.0. On the contrary, don’t forget to increase the build version if you are publishing an update of any pre-existing application! 

Once you have submitted your app to the app store via Xcode, it would go in for a review. Here, the Apple team would be looking after your app and would test it against any errors and general problems. If only your app succeeds in getting the green light from the reviewer, then nothing can stop your app to get live on the app store! 

Final Word 

The process for publishing your application may look like cutting a mountain into two, but believe us, once you start with it, you will see yourself making progress within no time. 

Publishing an app needs tips, practice, and guidance – for which this guide is here for you! 

Just follow the steps that we have mentioned here, and we hope that you get your app live on the App store! 

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