How to recognize the Best CBSE Schools and Apply for Admission?

CBSE is one of the most prominent curricula in Indian schools. Even though schools have been growing in offering international study programs to students, they continue to abide by the Central Board of Secondary Education rules under India’s Union Government. It is pretty easy to locate schools affiliated with the CBSE board; however, finding the best CBSE school in Pune needs a narrowed-down vision.


Most parents choose the CBSE curriculum for their children while they are growing up because most entrance examinations and universities require it as a criterion for students to graduate from a renowned affiliated board of education. It gets tricky for parents to identify CBSE schools that check all the valid points for consideration. 

How to recognize a good CBSE School for admitting your Child?

School admissions in Pune could become a lot easier when you exactly know what your child is looking for. The entire CBSE curriculum focuses on the child’s holistic development. They have Units divided and assessments to evaluate students. The students must give examinations at the All India level in Class 10th & Class 12th. Based on these National level exams, students are assessed into various universities for admission. 


CBSE schools follow a fixed NCERT curriculum which remains standard for preparing students for the upcoming competitive entrance examinations. They equip students to adapt learning methods deeply rooted in understanding the concept. So when you are looking for a good CBSE school for your child, you need to consider these factors:

Learning Style and Curriculum 

There would be a line of good CBSE schools, but you need to identify the ones which offer a learning style suitable to your child’s understanding. Multidisciplinary learning is an integral part of the CBSE curriculum. The subjects and modules are designed keeping in mind the core academics and enhancing other faculties. Hence, students always get the chance to demonstrate and find their skills. Ensure your selected school offers all these. 


A good CBSE school in Pune offers excellent resources starting from a well-stocked library, laboratories, Computer rooms, audiovisual space, and classrooms with advanced tech. These collectively encourage children to explore the different branches of knowledge, be curious about stuff and become better researchers over time. It gives them an edge to study better for academics and find the scope of their interest. 

Methods of Evaluation and Assessment

A few years ago, CBSE implemented the CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation method, which involved FA (Formative Assessment) & SA (Summative Assessment). The plan was to continuously evaluate a student’s performance while holding up one final assessment to check their comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Both help improve a child’s performance and help them fulfill the academic gaps when needed. 


Teaching Faculty

Even though every CBSE school in Pune would have the same pattern followed by introducing subjects, the method and quality of guidance entirely differ. Find schools that assist teaching faculty who understand and help students adapt to a complex subject. Every child has a weak point, and it falls on the teaching style to enable kids to learn better. 

The past academic standing

It is always essential to consider the school’s record in terms of academic performance. Schools tend to reflect on their star-performing students and highlight how good their curriculum is, and that’s how parents would know and judge the actual value of an education institute. Closely look at the alumni and their present status to understand whether or not your decision is correct. 

Authentic Affiliations

It isn’t easy to believe, but some schools operate under false CBSE affiliation. It is hard to identify for an ordinary person unless you start researching it. The authenticity of the school board is a must as your child would be graduating from the same and moving on to higher education based on it. Hence, it would be best to determine whether or not the affiliation is what it says. The common admission form for IB schools is now available on their official websites. As the admission process is getting tougher, many schools are now offering a single application form for both IGCSE and the IB program.  Once you have understood all of it, you can keep an eye on schools rolling out admission forms from third-party websites or the school’s official website for more info. 

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