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How to Reinforce the Seat of a Sofa?

The sofa is an investment: indeed, it is a substantial purchase, of several hundred euros, sometimes reaching a thousand euros. It is therefore made to last over time: you do not change your sofa every year.

It is, therefore, necessary to take care of it, to maintain and clean the sofa regularly, to avoid stains, etc. However, despite all our efforts, it is normal and inevitable that after a few years, your sofa will start to sag: whether it is in fabric, velvet, micro fiber, or faux leather. This step will happen no matter what: it’s all about anticipating it and knowing how to go about it.

Identify the causes of a sagging sofa

For starters, how do you feel your sofa sag? Once installed in it, it will be more and more difficult to get up, because you will “sink” into your sofa. At this point, your couch is starting to sag.

Several causes can cause your sofa to sag:

Quite simply, the couch may sag as it ages. This is unfortunately unavoidable, on any type of sofa and regardless of the price you paid. The sofa will gradually begin to take on the shape of your bodies and sag over time. Wear is therefore normal.

The foam used in your sofa is not of good quality. Indeed, if it is not dense and low in quality, it may be that your couch collapses faster than another couch. This type of foam accelerates the aging of your sofa: it will therefore sag more quickly. In any case, do not panic about a sofa purchased our sofas are not low in the quantity of foam, and the seats can be filled with High Resilience foam 35kg/m3 and polyether foam 28kg/m3. For information, foams with a density of less than 16kg/m3 are not optimal for making your sofa last.

The suspensions located under the seats of your sofa are too relaxed or are starting to creak. If this is the case, your sofa will naturally sag since it will not be well maintained.

Solutions to strengthen your sofa

As a sofa specialist, it is important to advise you on what to do when your corner sofa, your 2 and 3 seater sofa, or your panoramic sofa sags, and above all: how to fix it?

First, you need to examine your entire sofa to distinctly identify the cause of the sagging. You can then approach the sofa specialist from whom you bought your sofa. This is because the sofa may still be under warranty and the cause of the sag may be taken care of.

If your sofa sags because of the cushions, it is very easy to fix it. Just change the cushions, or change their padding.

Your sofa can sag because of the suspensions. If so, you can, for example, use pliers to straighten or repair them. Be careful, sometimes that is not enough: you will either have to go to a sofa specialist or completely change your sofa.

Whether a corner sofa, sofa 2 and 3 seats, or sofa panoramic, your couch, it’s old, will eventually subside. As explained in the article, you can remedy this sagging or simply change your sofa.

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