How to Score Best in IELTS Listening Test?

IELTS Listening Test

Whether you’re considering taking an IELTS test, or you have a date, anything you can prepare for will greatly increase your chances of performance as the day comes. Here how to score best in IELTS listening test with the help of some tips by the IELTS trainer of Jaipur.

Here are global IELTS expert lessons share your top tips to improve your listening & big day reading scores!

Score Best in IELTS Listening

6 tips to Promote your Reading

The reading section of the IELTS test may be a little scary due to route length. But in case you understand the proper strategies, and my top suggestions, it has to be a piece of cake.

  1. Know the Test

Like all international language testing systems, IELTS has a unique format, so I recommend familiarizing myself with details before you come.

  1. How long is the exam?
  2. What is the format?
  3. How many texts are there?
  4. What kind of texts are they?
  5. What skill would be tested?
  6. Would you have more time to transfer your answers?
  7. What type of questions will be asked?
  8. What abilities do you want to reply the questions?

Get all the information you need to know about the reading section, and how you can access practice tests through IELTS online course.

  1. Practice Makes You Perfect

If you like reading, it can be a happy experience to improve your reading skills – you can get absorbed in a book at home, from reading novels and blogs to newspaper and academic journals. Reading on a large scale will help you learn new vocabulary and improve your reading speed.

If you don’t like studies, I would recommend starting with topics you’re interested in before going back to more academic texts. As well because the IELTS studying practice test (see tip one), you could discover an internet of various sources.

  1. Developing Your Reading Techniques

Many candidates find the most challenging aspect of the length of the text reading section. 2,750 words with three long texts, and just one hour to read them and answer 40 questions, it is clear that these texts don’t have enough time to read them well. So, studying a few easy reading strategies will assist.

Skimming: “Skimming” is used to get a general overview of a text-just a minute at your headings and headings. Each paragraph should focus on one main idea (usually the first sentence of the paragraph, but not always) described in the topic sentence. Identifying and highlighting the topic sentence will help you answer your questions.

Scanning: It is a unique keyword or phrase search technique. When you find a keyword, read the text in detail to find the answer for the keyword you are looking for.

 Mastery of these basic techniques is the key to success.

  1. Focus on Keywords

The text in the IELTS studying phase is full of new vocabulary. Don’t be discouraged. You do not need to understand each phrase, and you could discover that means of the phrase you do not understand through the applicable indication.

What matters are keywords: Read the question carefully and underline the keyword. Try to find out which words or phrases will be helpful to find the correct part of the text. Think about other ways to say these words. What are synonyms and antonyms (words with the opposite meaning)? Try to paraphrase. For example, if the question says’ joint ‘, remember that it means’ together ‘or’ Shared ‘. So if the text says it was the only winner, you might think it was not a ‘joint’.

  1. Follow the Instructions Carefully

If instructions use ‘one word’ only make sure you don’t write more than one word; you don’t want to lose points for not reading the instructions properly.

Questions you want to fill in missing phrases ensuing the sentences are grammatically accurate. Beware of singular & plural forms and, also focus on spelling and capitalization.

These are some tips by the best overseas education consultants for how to score best in IELTS listening test? You can also join best IELTS coaching in India; As India has so many best IELTS coaching in Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc.

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