How to secure your home to prevent burglary?

Have you just moved into your house or apartment? Do you want to know if your home is well secured to avoid a burglary? This article presents our advice and recommendations for securing your home.

How to prevent a burglary from securing your home?

Subscribe to a home insurance contract adapted to your needs:

Anticipating a burglary first requires protecting your home from a physical but also the legal point of view through a home insurance contract. Depending on the formula chosen, adapted to your needs, your property will be insured in a burglary. Therefore, you will be compensated for these if you provide written proof to your insurance, namely the invoice.

Keep your invoices:

Remember to keep your invoices very carefully, which will allow you to be compensated if a break-in occurs. Scan them to prevent the ink from rubbing off. In addition to the invoice, you can also take a photo of the objects that you can transfer to your insurance to provide additional proof.

Make a list of your valuables:

Protecting your home also means protecting your objects. The listing will allow you to take stock and check if these are well included in the insurance and if they are not, insure them.

How to deter burglars around your house?

Securing your home means slowing down or discouraging the burglar from continuing his action. In most cases, the burglar comes through the front door. But care must be taken to secure all your exits, that is to say, all the access points to your home: window, garage door, bay window.

It is necessary to study the security of all your exits to avoid a burglary to establish a diagnosis,.

Protect your front door :

Burglars often favor you (especially in apartments, of course). Opt for an armored door accompanied by a quality cylinder to secure your house as much as possible. The cylinder or barrel is often the first targeted by a burglar looking to act quickly. Opt for a high-security cylinder such as  Abus Bravus 4000MX, for example. It is one of the best value for money in the very high-security segment. Many other models exist. The choice is yours, depending on the level of security you need.

Windows: various security solutions

Protecting your windows reinforces home security to prevent burglary. In addition, several anti-burglary solutions are available:

  • Anti-burglary glazing: this glazing is tough to break. It is composed of 2 to several laminated glasses which are superimposed on each other. But glass breakage remains very rare because it is noisy and discreet.
  • You can also complete your windows with a window lock such as the Abus FTS 96 high-security window lock.
  • You can also opt for the reinforced window door lock. The most efficient and practical on the market is the reinforced 5-point window door lock with a high-security rod positioned over your current window or door window system. With this system in place, the burglar will no longer pass through this exit. It is the perfect solution for adequate burglary protection.
  • The use of an armored bar allows a very high level of security by preventing the opening of the window.

To reinforce security and protect your home, you can also add additional security to your windows by fitting your shutters directly, either with a security bar or a roller shutter lock.

Strengthen the security of your bay window:

Locks exist and will allow you to secure the 2 leaves of your opening in a single block and to avoid burglary by preventing any break-in by lifting.

Bring security to your garage door:

Garage door locks will provide additional security. Indeed, it is often too easy for a burglar to lift, twist, or tear off a garage door. However, this type of lock still represents a particular cost.

All these means of protection will deter burglars around your house by slowing it down considerably and thus avoiding any break-ins.

Alarms: the anti-intrusion system

Other security systems are known to protect your home against burglaries. These serve to prevent intrusion. However, this means that the burglar is already in your home.

  • You will find Ajax alarms among the most efficient on the market with the best value for money. In addition, they are easy to install and use (not a monitoring center).

Burglars will identify the weak points in your home. Here are our anti-burglary tips to secure your home that we recommend you put in place:

  • Be sure to store your ladders and gardening tools in your garden that can be used to enter your home.
  • Do not leave your keys under a doormat in a pot. These hiding places are well known to burglars.
  • Store and hide your car keys. A burglar who enters your home should not find your keys in the entrance hall.

Spot a future burglary

Burglars often leave clues, signs that may signal future action:

  • Anonymous calls: They allow burglars to have more information about the times when you are not there.
  • Unscheduled visits: Some pretend to be employees (post office, EDF, technician, or other) and ask to come home for an audit. If you’re not expecting anyone, don’t let them in.
  • Burglary signs or symbols are posted near your home. Burglars are used to either placing a pile of stones in front of your door or your gate. It can also be chalk symbols on the floor or the facade. It allows them to recognize and locate their next target.

If you see this in your home, take pictures and contact law enforcement before covering the tracks.

If you have just moved in or lost your keys, be sure to change your locks to secure your home.

Don’t worry about locks installation and key duplication just call locksmith Tampa.

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