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How to start, maintain and monitor your online store

One of the most important stages of launching the website is the choice of engine content management system. A lot will depend on it. Starting from the total cost of the project and to what extent the store will meet modern requirements and up to the amount of traffic and whether the store will be successful as a whole. Today you can find a large number of different solutions on the Internet, but without specialized knowledge it is difficult to determine which CMS is best suited for your website. Which website monitoring service is the best for your online store?

How to choose the best CMS for your online store

In simple terms, CMS is a system that allows a webmaster (or website owner) to manage the content posted as efficiently as possible. Without exception, all modern CMS have certain built-in functionality and support the connection of additional modules. These modules allow you to extend the functionality of the platform as needed. In more detail, there are three types of CMS – “constructors”,”boxed”, SaaS and open source services.

How to choose the best CMS for your online store

CMS constructor services

The simplest type of CMS for online stores is the website builders of the corresponding direction. In fact, this is a service equipped with a full-fledged UI with a set of pre-installed functions and additional free and paid templates for extension. With the help of such services, the webmaster can easily add content and customize the functionality of the online store at will. At the same time, such CMS have a rather strict restriction on the choice of functionality and it is simply impossible to make additional changes. On the other hand, such CMS have technical support. That is why such services are in great demand among novice online store owners.

Boxed CMS services

The main difference between a boxed CMS from other alternatives is its configuration. In fact, it is a ready-made licensed product that comes “in a box”. After the purchase, the webmaster independently installs it on the server as a classic API. The CMS engine is then immediately ready for use. You just need to upload the necessary data to it. At the same time, the “boxed” system contains a certain set of functions and templates with which the webmaster can configure everything. CMS technical support is provided entirely by the webmaster’s own efforts. Accordingly, the webmaster will have to monitor the status of the server independently.

SaaS CMS services

A relatively new type of CMS, rapidly gaining popularity. In fact, this is a CMS constructor, equipped with a full-fledged console for advanced configuration. At the same time, such a CMS service is usually provided along with a fully configured hosting. Therefore, the webmaster only needs to configure everything in accordance with the requirements of the website and upload the content.

Open source CMS services

An open-source CMS literally lives up to its name. It is a free service that can be modified in various ways and adapted to the needs of the website. The webmaster can make any changes in the structure and functionality of the CMS at will. The main disadvantage of such CMS is the minimal technical support. In fact, in the case of problems webmasters can only help the developer of the original version of the CMS or a particular fork. Therefore, this type is more suitable for experienced specialists.

Which monitoring service is the best for your online store

The main task of any webmaster, no matter how difficult the duties he performs for the website, is to ensure its stable and uninterrupted operation. And for this, the webmaster needs to provide full monitoring of all the functions of the website. That is, to carry out a whole range of diagnostic measures. To do this, the webmaster will have to spend a lot of time and effort, since it will be necessary to monitor around the clock. And it is for this reason that it is best to use automated systems to monitor websites.

Which monitoring service is the best for your online store

Advanced services like HostTracker, which have proven to be a reliable assistant, are perfect for this. By using this service, you can check your websites regularly with the most convenient and practical monitoring interval. What’s more, this service uses more than 150 hotspots distributed around the world to check availability from different countries. Thus, you can find out not only when the website stopped working, but also why.

Moreover, the instant notification system will point you to the source of problems, and the systematic collection of statistics will help you find the source even more efficiently. At the same time, the service eliminates false signs of problems as much as possible.

How to control Google Ads with website monitoring

Contextual advertising is one of the main cost items of almost any company that has its own website on the Internet. And a first-class contextual advertising service, obviously, Google Ads. And his systems not only bring profit, but also bring a lot of financial and reputational losses.

This is because this system blocks ad campaigns only when something related to slow loading speeds or website unavailability occurs. If the website is not working properly but is still available, Google will add empty links to the ad units. What’s more, after the webmaster gets the website back up and running, he needs to send a request to Google Ads. And sometimes this process takes a very long time.

How to control Google Ads with website monitoring

To avoid such complications and minimize the losses associated with advertising campaigns, HostTracker offers a tool that will automatically pause your Google Ads subscription. If critical errors occur, this system will automatically determine the status of the website and suspend the Google advertising campaign via the API in case of problems with its operation. And when the website works again, the service will automatically restore the functionality of the contextual advertising service.

How to choose the best web hosting for your online store

Web hosting is a service that provides a website with a “place” on the Internet. That is, it provides it with the necessary disk space, system resources and bandwidth. The webmaster uses these resources to place the content of the website on them and to provide its functionality. And it is the reliability of the web host that determines how well the website will work and how high the uptime will be.

The choice of hosting should be approached comprehensively. Trust your website only to reliable providers. Evaluate the technical capabilities of the website. And choose the best option for your web project. A website hosted on a good hosting will work like a well-oiled mechanism that saves time and nerves of the owner.

When looking for a hosting provider, you often come across tempting offers at a low price or even free. Perhaps you want to launch a business website in test mode. Free hosting in this case will help you save money. However, if a web project is designed for a large audience and the risks are highly undesirable, you should focus primarily on the reliability of the provider, the quality of services, and not the price.

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