How You Can Create an App Similar to Airbnb App (2022)

Look around yourself and notice  how Airbnb App connected we all are. Everything is digital and in the palm of our hands, quite literally. Phones are able to do so much more than their intended purpose now. You can book a ride and get around town with the help of Lyft or Uber. Similarly, you may order food comfortably with the help of DoorDash or Seemless. 

And most importantly, you can get a quick getaway through Airbnb on a relatively low budget. Times have changed. No one prefers booking a room in a reputed hotel anymore. Airbnb is an on-demand service that enables both travelers and property owners to sign-up on the app. Depending on which side you are on – consumers can book a space or rent a room.

Businesses and entrepreneurs should reflect and observe how Airbnb established itself as one of the leading online platforms today. Airbnb has changed how people look at vacationing and tourist destinations as a whole – it made a wide enough impact for even app developers in Miami

Go for a similar route and keep reading as we go through a detailed breakdown of the entire app development process. You can develop an app like Airbnb. Keep reading. 

A Few Facts About Airbnb

Let’s see what the numbers say. There are more than 150 million users who actively use Airbnb to either plan their vacation or earn on the side by hosting guests. As the pandemic eases down and people are going to tourist destinations again – we saw a 55% increase in the number of bookings. 

Over 300 million bookings were made recently and the number is projected to grow even further as remote working becomes the norm and people move towards a digital nomad lifestyle. The company generated $5.9 billion in revenue in 2021 – a massive increase from COVID-19 times. 

To get an idea about the demographics – 54% of Airbnb guests are female and the app usually appeals to a Millennial audience aged between 25 and 34. Over 95% of guests have claimed that they prefer Airbnb for its ease of access and secure payment features. 

How Airbnb Works

It is important to first understand how Airbnb functions and then you can learn and implement such features on your app by asking an app developer in Miami. There are two perspectives at play here. Travelers and hosts. We’ll cover both: 

For Travelers: 

It is an easy process. Install the app on either Android or iOS and sign-up using any kind of authentication (phone number/email). From there, travelers will be asked to input the kind of place they are looking for and what area they are based in. 

There are tons of helpful filters here – price, location, profile, property type, and more. Airbnb has a user-friendly and interactive interface where travelers could easily look up a property and book in one go. Once a place is reserved, travelers get confirmation messages through both email and text. 


For Hosts:

It is a similar process. Install and sign-up on the app as a property host and the rest will figure automatically. Hosts will get questions related to what they are looking for and how they would like to price their place. 

To make sure there are no fraud attempts – Airbnb prefers hosts to upload a high-definition picture of their property and there is a back-and-forth communication time where Airbnb verifies the credibility of the host. It is up to the host to declare everything and leave details for travelers – rent, service, hygiene, etc. 

When a traveler books a room, it is up to the host to either accept or reject their stay. The payment process works in parallel. As soon as a guest checks in, Airbnb proceeds with the payment. 

Features You Should Incorporate

Now that you the kind of features Airbnb accommodates its users with – learn what you can and try to implement them on your upcoming app. This is what we recommend. 

For Travelers: 

Experience matters the most and you need to facilitate consumers to create a lasting impact. The features you decide to include will define how consumers look at the app and the retention rate will prove so. Here is a general guideline of features: 

  • Smooth onboarding process
  • Create a profile
  • Specific filters 
  • Favorite a property 
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging 
  • Invite friends to stay in the same place together 
  • Review and ratings 

There are no limitations here. Once you get in the development flow, more ideas will come up. Remember, the goal is to create a user-friendly experience. 


For Hosts: 

Do not overlook one consumer over the other. Hosts and travelers work alongside, that’s how on-demand services operate. Create a worthwhile experience for everyone. Make sure you include the following features in your app: 

  • Personal profile management 
  • Managing bookings and properties 
  • In-app messaging (important for hosts too) 
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Referral programs for friends and fellow neighbors 
  • Dashboard and analytics 
  • Review and ratings 

Hosts are looking at Airbnb as a means of earning money and you need to incorporate features keeping this fact in mind. The dashboard should include a detailed overview of the number of bookings and the financial impact it made.  

A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s get to creating an app now. Don’t worry we won’t get technical with the details, however, here is a guide to the right resources. Mobile game development or any sort of app-creating process can be overwhelming unless you follow a standard procedure.

Here is a 5-step overview: 

Research: Get an idea. See different apps and try to improvise accordingly. Try focusing on features they lack and develop a blueprint of your potential app. 

Find Developers: Finding app developers in Miami is not difficult. Consult a top-notch app development company and they will take your app vision and create an actual digital product. 

UX/UI Design: Do not underestimate this part. The design you implement will define the overall brand image. Ideally, the UX/UI design should reflect a user-friendly approach. 

Quality Assurance Phase: Get rid of minor bugs and potential errors by thoroughly testing the app through different trials.

Release the App: Get in contact with the platform you choose, release the app, and keep a track of consumer feedback. See what people have to say and improve on the way with regular updates.  

Final Thoughts 

Rest assured – this might seem like a long and steady process but if you follow a clear-cut plan and know what to expect – the entire app development procedure won’t seem anxiety-inducing. Get the right tech stack on board and partner with an app development company that understands your business needs. 

You need a well-rounded team of project managers, UX/UI designers, developers (frontend/backend), and QA analysts to create an app that performs well. 

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